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USA! USA! USA! This popular table game has been adapted to suit the tastes and preferred rulings of the American audience but has been made available to us all. Are you brave enough to go all in on the green zero and win a hefty retirement package?

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About the Developer

NYX Gaming Group is continually growing their best online play slot games 2019 portfolio with more and more quality content, putting a lot of energy in creating some of the best experiences for players, through fun and easy-to-play best slots UK games. While they have plenty of unique and innovative developments, they also put the focus on the classics, such as American Roulette, a realistic rendition of the real-life casino cards experience.

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About the Game

American Roulette is North America’s version of the European Roulette, mostly played inside the American continents, but now fully available online, for anyone to access. Even if you’ve never played before, you’ll grow to love the rush you get from placing bets and waiting for the roulette to roll.

This game creates an experience very close to reality, due to the top-quality graphics in the movement of the roulette, the authentic voice-over, and the fact that you can switch between views. All this attention to detail really makes a difference, for when you’re playing from the comfort of your own home, but you still want to taste the original atmosphere.

The main role in this game is played by a circular wheel that spins continuously and contains different numbers labeled with either red or black. Each number has a small pocket and after a bet is made, a little ball is thrown into the wheel and players wait to see in which pocket the ball lands. The point is to bet where the ball will land and hope your guess was right. For this reason, Roulette is especially enthralling, as it has a very well-defined suspense element to it.

On an American Roulette wheel, as in this online casino game’s case, there are 38 pockets, one for each number between 1 and 36, all coloured either red or black, one for 0 and one for double 0, these last two in the colour green.

You can bet several times, on whatever option you want, with chips ranging between 0.50 and 100 credits. There are a lot of bets to choose from, so surely you’ll want to cover more than just one. You can bet on only one specific number, if you feel particularly confident, and that way you get a bigger payout, or on a row of numbers, or a combination of 2 to 6 numbers, which all have different payouts.

There are column bets, where you bet for a column of 12 consecutive numbers and you get a payout at 2:1 odds, and dozen bets, where you bet for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd set of 12 numbers with the same 2:1 odds payout. You can also bet on either all the even or all the odd numbers, all the black or all the red numbers, all the numbers between 1-19 or all the numbers between 19-36. All of these pay even money.

The appeal to American Roulette is that there are equal chances for the ball to land in any of the 38 pockets, you can place as many bets as you’d like, and you never know how lucky you might get. It’s worth giving it a go, even just out of curiosity. Experience the thrill of the Easy Slots spin in this online casino.

The Verdict

Nyx’s American Roulette is as close to reality as you’re going to get in an online casino game, while it’s also keeping all the needed elements and securing the player with an exciting, suspenseful and rewarding betting experience.

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