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Summary on Microgaming’s Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Easy Slots website is not just the home to the new online slot games as Vegas Downtown Blackjack by the legendary Microgaming is here to re-define the term big winnings in table games. Sign up to Easy Slots today to view best online slots here.

The beauty about Vegas Downtown Blackjack is that as much as it plays out within the standard Blackjack rules, the player here is granted multi-hand option meaning that they can place bets on all 5 hands to boost winnings in thrilling high-stakes fashion.

The table plays with 2 standard playing card decks running through the rounds making it difficult to count cards but not to worry though, the risk can be insured in the big bets. Enjoy this table game across all devices from bets of as little as £1 to £200 per round.

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About Game Developer Microgaming

Hailing originally from the US in 1994, Microgaming has long-established their footing in the casino business through software innovations, an expansive distribution network and even pioneering to regulate the gambling industry. 

Such a veteran status warrants them to preserve the gold in the old classic casino tables such as Vegas Downtown Blackjack. Try some of our slots games by slots developer Microgaming by signing up to Easy Slots today. And why not try some of the other games Microgaming has in this series, like these:

Vegas Downtown Blackjack layout

Enjoy one of the casino tables that built the casino industry to where it is right here on Easy Slots, your go-to site for all new slots. Playing with two full stacks of the classic playing card deck to be dealt out by the dealer and a variety of playing chips with different cash values on the far end, the graphics on the Vegas Downtown Blackjack table truly elevate the player experience.

Towards the nearer end of this table is the player’s side that clearly outlines the 5 main bet positions as well as the side-bet bar with white bold lines and wordings to ease the understanding of the table by both beginners and casual players. Click now for more mobile slots.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Easy Slots

Play Vegas Downtown Blackjack Now

Playing Vegas Downtown Blackjack Game

The standard Blackjack rules apply where the aim of the game is to land a tally of cards whose value exceeds that of the cards drawn by the dealer on a single hand. The beauty in Vegas Downtown Blackjack from Microgaming is that the dealer on the is usually limited to a total sum of 17 by the Peek Rule which instantly gives the player a round win.

The multi-hand option allows for the player to utilise all 5 betting positions meaning players could cash in a sweet payout if the Dealer’s hand bursts when maximum bets totalling to £1000 are placed. There is also an insurance option which saves the player by insuring half of their bets are paid back in the event of a bad hand.

Our Verdict on Vegas Downtown Blackjack Casino Game

Enjoy the highest RTP of 99.62% with possible wins of up to £2000 per round on Vegas Downtown Blackjack which is more than some the best new online casino games here on Easy Slots. Another casino game from this series that you just have to try is the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

The Peek Rule comes in handy when the dealer draws out a card such as an Ace with a high value like 10, making all the player’s bets win without the need turning over their next 2 cards as they would go over the 17 mark.

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