Forty Thieves

Join the 40 Thieves and the Prince in Ali Baba in a middle-eastern paradise and rob your fortune from the establishment to earn yourself some free spins and wonderful cash rewards. Forty Thieves is a sumptuous online slot game with a delightful game board that hovers among the Arabian Desert. Play the top online slots to match diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs when you spin the reels on this Arabian classic.

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About the Developer

Green Felt are a slot games company that specialize in online solitaire and puzzle games. They pride themselves on their friendly, competitive community and the innovative gameplay that they include in their solitaire games. Learn how to pay by mobile.

About the Game

Forty Thieves is challenging card game that most likely originated in france hundreds of years ago. Over the years it has been known as Napoleon at Saint Helena, Big forty, Le Cadran and, Roosevelt at San Juan. This card game was apparently played by Napoleon whilst he was exiled on the Barren Island of St Helena after losing the battle against the British in 1815.

Forty Thieves is a game similar to solitaire, and like solitaire it will require skill, a good attention span and concentration in order to play the game well. Despite the fact that only 5% of the solitaire network plays result in a win, the game is still fun to play. With some careful thinking and dedication, the win rate could be increased to somewhere between 15% and 20%.

This game requires 2 decks of cards to play, and at the start of the game, 40 cards are dealt face up onto 10 different columns, each one receiving 4 cards. Any remaining cards from that set are used to form the stock. The other deck of 40 cards are dealt to the player across the screen layout. Each card represents a thief that wants nothing more than to stop you from winning (Hence the name Forty thieves). The goal of the game is to move all 40 cards over time to the 8 foundation piles, starting with the aces and ending with the Kings. The columns in the game are built downwards by suit. This means that if the player wishes to add a card to a column, that card must be the same suit as the previous card in the column, and be the next card in the chain. For example; if there is a queen of hearts, then the only cards that can be placed beneath that card is a Jack of hearts, then the 10 of hearts and so on. The cards from the stock get flipped onto the discard pile and the card at the top of the discard pile can be played to a foundation or a column, similar to in solitaire. We also often run various promotion slots with this game.

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Recap of game stats:
The game's basic Win Percentage is 5%, but can be increased to 15% or 20%.
The game has a Win Ratio of 1 in 19.
The game's Fastest displayed win time is 1 minute 23 seconds.
The games displayed Average win time is 8 minutes 34 seconds.
The games High score is 104 points.

The Verdict

Although Forty Thieves does require patience and concentration I would most certainly recommend giving it a go. The game is fun to play, and if you're a fan of Solitaire or similar cards games then you'll love Forty Thieves. At first it may be hard to get used to the way the game is played, but after a few tries it's really easy to pick up.

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