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What Does It Mean When A Bet Is Suspended?

What Does It Mean When A Bet Is Suspended?

When partaking in online sports betting, you might have occasionally encountered a situation where you can't place a wager on a specific event or market, and the betting odds are no longer visible. This is not a technical glitch or an error on the platform, but most likely the result of the bookmaker suspending betting. This might sound alarming at first; however, bet suspensions are typically a common occurrence in the realm of sports wagering.

So, what does it mean when a bet is suspended? Simply put, a bet is suspended when the bookmaker temporarily halts betting on a particular event or market. But why does this occur? A multitude of reasons can trigger this action, and understanding them can potentially help you navigate your betting journey more efficiently.

Let's delve into the intricacies of suspended bets, why bookmakers suspend betting, and what happens when a bet is suspended.

What Does A Suspended Bet Mean?

A suspended bet signifies that the bookmaker has temporarily closed the betting market for a specific reason. This often happens while a sporting event is in progress and an incident occurs that may significantly alter the odds.

During the suspension period, bettors are generally unable to cash out existing bets or place new ones on the event. This temporary halt in betting is commonly referred to as a 'suspended bet.'

What Happens If A Bet Is Suspended?

If a bet is suspended, it simply means that you won't be able to place a wager on that specific market or event for the duration of the suspension. 

Odds for the specified market will usually be temporarily suspended or locked, making it impossible to include the selection in your betting slip. Should you be finalising an in-play wager and the market becomes suspended, the bet typically won't go through.

It's necessary to note that a suspended bet doesn't mean that the bet is void or cancelled. Once the reason for the suspension is resolved, and the market is re-opened, your bet will usually still stand. However, the specific terms and conditions of the bookmaker will apply, and it may be a good ideal to check these beforehand.

Reasons Bookies Suspend Betting

Bookmakers suspend betting for various reasons, all primarily hinging on the specific occurrences in a sporting event. Let's explore some of these reasons in more detail:

Penalties In Football

Football, being a dynamic sport, presents multiple scenarios where betting can potentially be suspended. One such instance is if a penalty is awarded. If this happens, betting may be suspended for the duration of the penalty - that is, until the player takes the shot. If the player misses, the odds may re-open at the same price as before. However, if the player scores, the odds may change, necessitating a recalculation of odds by the bookies. Other scenarios such as the handing out of red cards or serious injuries to key players may also trigger a suspension in betting.

Pre-emptive Decisions

Sometimes, markets are suspended pre-emptively. This happens when the bookies anticipate that the event is unfolding differently than expected, and the current odds may not accurately reflect the situation. For example, if a football team is displaying an unusual level of aggression and successfully attacking more than expected, the bookies may suspend betting to reassess the odds.

Disruption In Games

Betting might also be suspended if there is a significant disruption in the game. These are typically unforeseen circumstances like a sudden injury, a pitch invasion, or an electric fault causing the floodlights at a stadium to go off. Most of these scenarios can be resolved, and betting usually re-opens a few minutes later. However, if it's impossible to resolve the matter, the bookmakers may remove the fixture altogether.

To conclude, suspended bets are a regular part of online sports betting. While they may initially seem concerning, there's usually no need to worry. These suspensions often last only a few minutes, depending on the circumstances. However, it may be best to read any terms and conditions before placing any bets. 

Please gamble responsibly.