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How Cash Out Is Calculated

How Cash Out Is Calculated

In the thrilling world of sports betting, players are continually presented with a myriad of exciting options. One such versatile feature growing in popularity is the 'Cash Out' option. 

This feature enables bettors to withdraw a portion of their stake before the bet concludes, offering increased control over their wagers. But how is the cash out calculated? And what does it mean for your betting strategy? Let's delve into these questions and more in this Easy Slots article. 

What Does Cash Out Mean When Betting?

In the betting landscape, the 'Cash Out' feature acts as a mitigating option, allowing you to retrieve a part of your stake ahead of the event's conclusion. This tool becomes especially handy if your bet seems off-course and you wish to reduce potential losses. 

The cash out amount largely depends on the current odds, which can fluctuate due to the ongoing event's progress. 

How Is Cash Out Calculated?

In sports betting, the cash out calculation typically hinges on three factors: the original odds of your bet, the current odds, and your original stake. The higher the likelihood of you winning, the more generous the cash out offer, and vice versa. 

A simplified formula to understand cash out calculation is: 

  • Cash Out Value = {(Original Odds / Live Odds) x Stake} - Stake 

Assume you place a bet of £100 on a team with odds of 3:1. If, during the match, the odds shift to 2:1, your cash out value is calculated as follows: 

  • Cash Out Value = {(3 / 2) x 100} - 100 = £50 

Thus, if you opt to cash out at this moment, you would be offered £50. 

How Do You Know When To Cash Out?

Deciding when to cash out largely depends on the bettor's perspective and the circumstances. If you have faith in your team's victory, it might be worth letting the bet run its course. However, if there are indications of a change in tide partway through the event, cashing out could be a smart move. 

But remember, cashing out generally implies you'll win less than what you could have won had you let the bet conclude naturally. Yet, on the brighter side, it also means you lose less than what you could have lost if your bet was unsuccessful. 

What Does Partial Cash Out Mean?

A variation of the cash out feature is the 'Partial Cash Out'. This option allows you to withdraw a section of your bet, leaving the remaining stake in play. This can be a great strategy if you're unsure about the outcome, as it can enable you to mitigate your potential losses while still having a stake in the game. 

Example Of Partial Cash Out

To comprehend partial cash out better, let's consider a scenario. 

Suppose you've wagered £100 on a match with odds of 3:1. During the match, the bookmaker offers you a partial cash out of 50% of your bet (£50). You decide to take the offer, leaving the other half of your bet active. If your team wins, you win £150 (£50 x 3) from your active bet, plus you keep the £50 you secured through partial cash out. If your team loses, you still retain the £50 from the partial cash out but lose the rest, thereby reducing your loss. 

Should You Cash Out Or Let It Ride?

Again, the decision between a cash out and letting it ride depends on your betting strategy and how you perceive the game unfolding. 

If you're confident about your bet, you might choose to let it run to potentially maximise your winnings. However, if you're uncertain about the outcome, taking a partial cash out could be a good strategy to minimise losses and still keep a foot in the game. 


In conclusion, the cash out and partial cash out features offer flexibility in sports betting, allowing you to manage your bets based on unfolding events. As with any betting strategy, it's crucial to understand how these features work and use them responsibly. 

Remember, betting should be enjoyable and not a source of stress. So, use the cash out and partial cash out features wisely to enhance your betting experience and remember that nothing is ever guaranteed when it comes to gambling. Please gamble responsibly. 

Note: The information in this blog post is a basic overview of this topic. Different bookmakers have different policies when it comes to cash out and partial cash out features. So, please do your own research before placing any bets.