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How to tell if a fruit machine is going to pay out

Fruit Slot Machines

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We would all love to be able to look into the future to be able to tell if the fruit machine we are playing on will pay out. The good news is that there are signs that it will land you a win! That is what this article is all about, as well as taking a look at what fruit machines are and how you can win by playing them. If you aren’t a fan of classic fruit machines then don’t worry, you can head to Easy Slots right now to check out various online slot machines. Also, learn how to play fruit machines here!

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An explanation of fruit machines

So what are fruit machines? Well, they are the classic machines that you will find in land based casinos, on the best slot sites and in some pubs and clubs. To begin the game you will need to put coins into them, and they usually have three reels, although they can have more. On your reels you will notice pictures and they will be made up of fruit symbols, such as lemons, cherries, oranges, plums and more.

You are trying to land a group of matching symbols and this will award you with a payout. All of the symbols will carry a different worth, so the payout will be calculated accordingly. In terms of RTP, for fruit machines it is pretty high as they typically carry an RTP of between 70 to 98%. You can actually click on the Hold button to pause the game, as this can help increase your winning odds. Fruit machines tend to offer a Cancel button and this can slow down your gameplay and allow you to keep an eye out for winning combinations.

How to tell if a fruit machine is going to pay out

So how can you tell if a fruit machine is going to pay out? One tip is to people watch as well as machine watch. By this we mean don’t just pay attention to your own game as you may notice that a machine has been used a lot by players but that nobody has won anything major from it. This means that it will likely give a payout in the near future, and this is typical for the fruit machines that you’ll find in pubs.

Another tip is to learn the process of Backing. This is where a coin is paid into the machine but then it falls into the coin hopper located at the front of the machine. When it becomes full the coins in it will fall behind the machine, and this is a major hint that the fruit machine will release a high payout soon.

Another key way of finding out if the coin hopper is full is by purchasing something called a refill key. You put the key into the front of the machine and it can let the employees of the casino to refill it. This will mean that you can continue playing without needing to wait for an employee to do their job or even waiting for an engineer being called to fix the machine. This means all of the money will be waiting in the fruit machine for you to play with! Also if the hopper is low in money then it means that the machine has paid out recently and that you should make your way over to another machine.

Finally, you should consider when the last time was that the fruit machine last awarded a jackpot to a lucky player. Some machines tend to stick to a kind of payout pattern. It is thought that they pay out between every three to five days, although remember that this is not every machine. If you use the knowledge of when it last paid out, then you can know when the best time to play is.

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Final thoughts

So there we have it, now you know how to tell if a fruit machine is going to pay out! This is an important skill to learn for those of you casino players out there who are serious about landing their next big win. Classic fruit machines are some of the easiest casino games out there to play, and we would definitely recommend them to beginners.

The best thing to do for beginners is to familiarise yourself with the rules and gameplay of fruit machines before you begin looking into whenever you think the machine is going to pay out. You can play online fruit machines today at the online casino Easy Slots!