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How to Play Roulette

How to Play Roulette

The roulette wheel is an alluring feature that complement the best online slots available at Easy Slots. This is also one of the reasons that everyone is looking out for roulette strategies.

Spinning and shining with silver, reds and black, as well as a glint of green of course, it is a popular choice for many gamblers and iconic thanks to featuring in a number of famous films and TV shows. The dealer will ask you the question of ‘any bets?’ before you hedge your own, with many inexperienced or laid back gamblers simply picking their lucky number out of the many options that the roulette wheel conjures up, have a read through this page. We could as well urge you to play roulette live or online for real money here, but we will rather see you playing wittingly.

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Now, this of course a roulette strategy that relies on the essence of luck but in response to the dealer’s question, have you ever posed one of your own? Like, ‘are there any roulette strategies that work?’

Depending on who you are talking to, the answers will differ. Purists may remove the element of strategy from gambling in roulette whilst the most skilled players will of course praise their own techniques and strategies that work. However, for those you wondering, here are 5 strategies that work - sometimes.

Progressive Betting

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Progressive betting is a strategy that can work. A very risky strategy, it sees the better increase the size of the bet after every outcome. This strategy is easy to understand and easy to pick up and will eventually pay off, but my word is it risky. To employ it, you would need to double your bet every time you lose - attempting to cover losses.

The Martingale System

A famous example of progressive betting, the Martingale System recommends that you should double your bet after every loss. In theory, this means that you should cover your losses every time you win. This gets your odds of leaving the online casino with a win at very close to 50%, but can take too long to pay off.

The D’Alembert System

Another roulette strategy from a fine mathematician, D’Alembert’s system is very similar to the Martingale System except with one adjustment. The bet progression in the D’Alembert's technique is far less aggressive than the doubling of bets by Martingale.

Worked around the so-called ‘evens’ bets, the logic is that eventually the bets will even out. Therefore, lots of reds in a row will eventually be followed by a run of blacks. All you do is gradually increase your bets when losing and decrease them when winning, ensuring that they cancel each other out and end up positive. Again, this needs patience.

The Paroli System

Strategies for roulette!

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Slightly safer than the aforementioned Martingale System, this technique is actually referred to as the Anti-Martingale. Rather than doubling when you are down, this strategy that actually works sees you double your bets when you win, making for a less risky alternative within the progressive betting method. However, you have to remember that with top-rated free slot games online there is always the possibility of losing. 

Neighbouring Numbers in Roulette

This technique is not concerned with progressive betting in that it doesn’t matter how much you bet, you can keep the amount the same or increase it where you see fit. It is simple in that should you put a bet down on a specific roulette number, you then split your bet to cover the numbers either side of it.

Covering more of the roulette board, this softens your odds and acts as a safety net for your magic number should the ball narrowly miss.

*All strategies and advice given in the article are just examples/idea's and won't necessarily work in real world application, always gamble responsibly and use whatever strategy you are comfortable with.

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