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Wolf Gold

You might see the name of this slot and question why a wolf might have the need for gold, you might be quite closed minded if you did but hey we aren’t judging. This slot looks more into the spiritual wolf that lives within all of us, rather than the literal wolf itself. Wolves tend to roam in packs, this is also true in this Pragmatic Play developed slot, were these wolves tend to stick together on these reels, however when they do it tends to equal money. join & spin now!

If you are a very spiritual person, then you will understand what people are talking about when they have an out of body experience. In Wolf Gold you are given the same immersive experience, now go, enjoy your new life as a wolf. See below for more information on this slot, or learn more on

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About the Developer

How pragmatic does one need to be to have a name like Pragmatic Play. It’s probably not a good idea to dwell on this as there are slots to play! These guys know what to do to create the best possible slot experiences out there, and they show no signs of slowing down. Pragmatic Play is yet another developer that is adored by both their peers as well as their audience. Pragmatic: a company with roots that go deeper than what meets the eye. These guys are an established name in the industry, responsible for countless recognisable titles. You can read more about what Pragmatic Play has to offer.

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About the Game

Wolf Gold is a fixed 25 pay-line slot that is teeming with features that you never knew you wanted until now. All symbols in this slot are represented by various other animals that are associated with out of body experiences, for an example an eagle is one of the symbols in this slot. Each of these symbols possess a different numerical value, a value that will increase should you match more symbols within the same winning pay-line. To begin your adventure in this slot simply select your bet amount and hit spin. Selecting your coin value can vary depending on the type of player you are and how much you are willing to spend.

Wilds and scatters will be your best friends in this slot, as using these within the same pay-line will grant one the ability to increase their scores and pay-outs even higher. The wolf symbol happens to be the wild here, and is the highest scoring symbol on these reels. See below for our final thoughts.

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The Verdict

When we first read about Wolf Gold we kind of wrote it off as nothing more than a gimmicky slot that didn’t really have anything going for it aside from a few interesting flashes in our imagination. How wrong we were. Wolf Gold might be one of our favourite slots to date, giving you the ability to see what life might be like as a wolf, a wolf that clearly enjoys currency despite being a wolf and having no need for such a thing. Please don’t miss out on this slot, you would seriously be missing out. Play Wolf Gold today! If you enjoyed Wolf Gold why not try another online Easy slots.