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About the Developer

Known for their own take on the best online slots and online casino game market, NetEnt continues to make new strides every day in every digital entertainment avenue they see fit. NetEnt offers a wide range of titles for every occasion, from online table games to online slots, so much to play and so little time. Read more about the array of NetEnt games available elsewhere on Easy Slots.

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About the Game

There can never be enough adventure themed slots in the market that is for sure. Many of them take you places you never knew existed or could be experienced from the comfort of your own home. Steam Tower from online developer NetEnt, is quite the adventure. Towers always have some form of damsel in distress waiting for them. Well this game has managed to defy those stereotypes instead opting for a much different spin on an otherwise outdated trope. This is a beautiful slot that will take you to 19th century Victoria era of industrial design, where humanity was on the brink of technological change. are awfully bountiful on the internet today. I have grown a bit tired of these types of games really. Steam Tower follows the tradition to the line providing a series of different features that are sure to excite with every spin of the reels.

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In terms of looks, the Steam Tower defies all other related slots. It’s unique take on design and art style have separated it from many other slots within the industry. This is no simple feat with many slots in the market all pushing towards recognition. It is a horse race that never ends with many slots trying to excite in any way they possibly can with a list of features that deviate just slightly from the path in order to become a potential monopoly. Steam Tower is not just another card in an already full deck, NetEnt are known to push boundaries and this is the perfect example to give if anyone says otherwise. That isn't arrogance by the way, just simple fact. We delve through so many titles that lose sight of what they hope to achieve that it becomes almost painful to review, Steam Tower was a treat to see for ourselves which is why we are speaking very highly of it with each word in this text. The game features 15 slot machine pay-lines, 5 reels, stacked wilds, and a litany of free Spins which are activated when scatter symbols are unraveled on the reels themselves.

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The Verdict

Steam: a gas that was influential in the early days of technological advancements, even today you cant boil a kettle without seeing the little blighter spouting out the top. If you happen to be a big fan of steam (not the gaming Steam) well then you should try this online slot from NetEnt, as it has lots to see and do with many different levels for you to traverse in hopes of creating some rather handsome cash prizes out of what feels like thin air (see what we did there), learn more!