This Tennis casino is huge fun and among the best online slots game.

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About the Developer

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About the Game

Let’s just get this out of the way first and foremost, If you are a lover of tennis you will no doubt fall in love with this title, and that’s not because it has tennis in the title. You see this title has many different levels to it that requires a self awareness to your overall surroundings. Like professional tennis players you will be wanting to train your eye to focus on your next move and the one that follows, your opponent in this slot is very much yourself, it’s an inner struggle but we believe you can manipulate the court to fit your own style, all that’s required is the creativity to try something new with each spin of the reels. We really want to push you towards this title as it is a very fun slot that if anything acts as a simulator more than you’d expect. Try not to believe that you can do this yourself in real life afterwards though unless you have some level of coordination, this is an online slot after all that can be played from the comfort of your own living room.

Tennis Stars is a throwback to the retro games that have paved the way for this types of modern adaptations of themes that we see everyday in daily life. The glossy style of the slot is something players should be able to spot almost instantly, this is something the developers agreed on beforehand: to blow you away almost instantly. To create a feeling of immersion like this is very hard to accomplish, you have to tow a very thin line that requires a level of creativity and imagination; just a testament to the work again put in by the dev team. As you can probably guess from the games theme and this description, Tennis Stars takes place court side with the reels themselves sitting just above the net. Expect a highly intense game of tennis from the minds that have been influential in creating games in the industry. You’ll need the reflexes of a cat if you wish to succeed where so many have failed, falling face first in their efforts to win some rather handsome cash prizes. We also often run various promotions with free spins no deposit in this game.

Tennis Scratch gameplay

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The Verdict

Tennis is a very big sport in certain parts of the world, Europe in-particular is a certain hotspot for tennis as many of the top ten players live and have trained there for pretty much all of their lives. Roger Federa and Andy Murray spring to mind when it comes to overall name recognition. Tennis Stars picks up after each physical match ends, when and where you play is entirely dependant on you and your own personal preference. Become the next big thing and defy expectation, play today!

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