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Pragmatic Play released the Mega Wheel fruit machines in November 2020. This casino game is a great alternative to the standard slots that we usually see. This live game is available to play 24 hours a day, seven days a week where we are able to bet on this colourful wheel of fortune to test our luck! With a calculated RTP of  96.5% the statistical odds would seem to be pretty favourable, going above the majority of slots online games!

Mega Wheel is a game that anyone can get their hands into, with an absurd betting range starting with min bets of £0.10 going all the way to the nearly unheard of heights of a max bet of £1,000. Pragmatic Play have given us the chance to get a max payout of 500 times our original stake! This means that we are able to Win up to £500,000 in a single spin of the mega wheel of fortune!

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Mega Wheel Theme and Graphics

The set of Mega Wheel looks like the standard late night gambling we would expect to see on TV, however in comparison it is filled with colour! The dazzling wheel has a plethora of colours to catch our eye and shining lights around the games logo.

There are a variety of different hosts who will take us through the game, all of them dressed immaculately. Bright standout suits that anyone would be proud to wear, though maybe sometimes in a different colour. If we are lucky we will even have a co-host so we get to experience the banter between them giving an extra element of excitement to this already incredible game.

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Mega Wheel Gameplay

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How to Play Mega Wheel Slot

Mega Wheel is a pretty simple game concept to grasp. If any of us have played roulette then we will be right at home. The main difference is that our odds are significantly higher with Mega Wheel! The Mega Wheel board is built up with repeated numbers and a total of 52 segments on the board.

With there being repeated numbers, there are actually only 9 different choices for us to make when deciding where we would like to place our bets.

We are able to make multiple bets on any of the numbers, provided the total bet is no less than £1000

Once we have placed out bets we simply have to wait for the wheel to stop spinning!

Casino Game Statistics

As we touched on earlier, it is interesting that it is possible to produce an RTP for a game of this nature. With the onus of winning being on us as players choosing the correct number.

It seems counter intuitive to be able to produce an RTP, though it could simply be calculated by overall money bet against money paid out, but this would not give a clear indication to our odds.

Scepticism aside, Pragmatic Play report a healthy RTP of 96.5% which are great odds if we can actually achieve them! 

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Mega Wheel Free Spins & Bonus Features

The principle of Mega Wheel is incredibly simple, which means there aren’t a great amount of bonus features to this game.

There is one bonus that gives us some seriously good chances of making incredible wins!

After we have selected the numbers that we would like to place our money on and the wheel has been spun, one of the numbers will be selected to have a multiplier applied to it, sometimes being as big as 500 times our win!

It only takes a quick look online to see a huge amount of people making some serious wins!

Verdict on this Live Casino Game

For anyone looking for a switch up from online slot games, this could be the perfect solution. Available at anytime we and with some promising odds Mega Wheel has a lot of fun to offer. On top of just the game, we are also able to talk to fellow gamblers. Everything being considered we rate this at 7/10. If fruit machines are not your thing, try the Legend of Cleopatra Megaways slot instead.