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Summary on Baccarat Casino Game

Baccarat is a prestigious card game that was long-established before casinos were invented which has now been made available by Betsoft here on Easy Slots, your go-to site for the best online slots and slots promotions.

Baccarat was initially played out on tarot cards and is believed to have been invented sometime around the 1500s. Its simplicity and impressive thrill caught the hand of most of the Italian and French nobility and this is how it was preserved through the ages.

Baccarat plays out as a race between the dealer and the player with the aim of the game being the closest to the number 9 in the value of their cards becomes the winner. Enjoy Baccarat across all devices with bets on either the player or dealer ranging between a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $500 per hand, so pay it here today at Easy Slots, where you can find the best online slots on the Internet.

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About Betsoft

Betsoft is a modular gaming platform that provides gaming solutions to online casinos such as Easy Slots to integrate their slot promotions with the gaming software, in this case Baccarat.

This is made possible through their Casino Manager software which is a big win for the gambling industry since online casinos can compete by branding their exclusive bonus slots and table games, and you can play more games by this developer here at Easy Slots:

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Baccarat Layout

Like most of the best slots and table games here on Easy Slots, the visuals and graphics on the Baccarat screen are impressive. Since Baccarat is a card game the setting is on a fine semi-circular table common in most land-based casinos.

On the far upper side is the dealer’s end where a deck of playing cards and an array of casino chips arranged according to their value are placed side by side. Closer to the screen is the player’s end that forms the bigger part of the green carpeted area on the semi-circular table.

 Using a white line, 8 distinct playing hands are drawn on the table each with 2 boxed out sections for both the player and dealer’s cards respectively. There are also 2 mini-screens on the player’s end, one on each of the bottom corners.

On the bottom left corner is a mini-screen indicating the total value of the bets placed and the balance remaining for the player to bet with. There is also a settings bar on top of these where the player can click on the help button to familiarise themselves with the rules or choose to play with the sound on or off.

On the bottom right corner is a mini-screen with all of the casino chip values that the player can choose from when placing their bets. The chip values range between chips ranging between $1, $5, $25, $100 and $250.

Finally, when all bets are placed, there are 2 buttons available to the player on the middle of the bottom area of the screen. There is a clear bet button to remove all bets placed as well as the deal button to get the round going.

Baccarat Online Game Play

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Playing Baccarat

Baccarat delivers a thrilling card race between the player and the dealer here on Easy Slots, home to the best online slots and table games, you can discover more slots by clicking this link. All of the standard playing cards on the deck retain their original face values apart from the Ace and royals.

The Ace in Baccarat has a value of 1 while the royals comes in at a flat zero spicing up the play. In each of the 8 playing hands, the player can either bet on their hand, the dealer’s hand or a tie of both hands. The bets can be placed on all or either of the 8 betting hands if the player so wishes.

Feel free to choose between the casino chips ranging between $1 and $250 for each bet keeping in mind that the maximum bet per hand is $500.  Once placed, the player may click on the deal button to begin the round. The dealer then dishes out a deck of shuffled playing cards in either 2 or 3 rounds, depending on the total face value of the cards.

If by the 2nd round the total value of any hand is too close to 9 to play on, for example 8 or 10, then that hand wins the round whereas if there is still room to play, a 3rd round may come into play. The aim of this game is to bet on which of either the player or dealer’s hand, will be closest to the number 9 to get the win.

The player can also bet on a tie of both hands to get the win. However, when a tie occurs and the bet is on either the player’s or dealer’s hand, the player may choose to either withdraw the bet or play on to get a winner. Betting on a winning player hand or a tie bet rewards the player with double the stake placed on that hand.

On the other hand betting on the winning dealer’s hand will still reward you in the same way but a 5% commission from the winnings will be transferred to the dealer. This 5% commission represents the house edge which in this case is way less than other casino table games.

Our Verdict on Baccarat

Simple explosive wins are normal here on Easy Slots with both the best slots online as well as the casino table games. Baccarat in this case does not disappoint as this card game is easy to understand and delivers some sweet payouts when you come across a winning hand.

For the high rollers, this is the perfect game since the maximum bet per hand is $500 keeping in mind that there are up to 8 hands from which the player can bet on. Call on to your gambler’s luck as winning on all hands with a maximum bet placed could reward you with a whopping $8,000 in a single round.

There are also Baccarat online tournaments from which the player stands in to win a collective pool of the prize money. It is for these reasons that Baccarat comes in highly recommended here on Easy Slots, where slot promotions rule and you can find more amazing casino games, like Auto Roulette.