Online Gambling in Africa

The introduction of new technologies in the developing worlds is slowly starting to create new opportunities for industries that would’ve once looked past these areas as feasible destinations with market value. One industry that could change in particular is the online gambling industry.

Territories that were once classed as third world countries now have much greater access to media and other technologies than they once did. With this greater access comes greater insight and awareness of activities, the online boom has shown that many of us are the same, and we all like to gamble online, despite our economic prowess. These nations have grown significantly in recent years at an exponential pace, bypassing traditional sources of income to capitalise on new markets.

At one point the aim would have been to bridge the communication gap around Africa with telephone polls, but since the advent of broadband and smartphones for a reasonably cheap price it has given 3rd world countries the opportunity to bypass past inventions and find their own feet in new markets bringing the continent right up to date with the major competitors in the other developed nations.

South America

Many gambling operators in the developing nations of South America and overseas are starting to see new ways of targeting demographics that wouldn’t necessarily be associated with online gambling. In many years countries in this area have outlawed online gambling, this was before they seen the amount of tax revenue that can be generated from the industry and how quickly it could curb crime.

Countries like Mexico and Brazil are now in the process of changing gambling laws as a way to appease mass corruption and underground gambling. South American governments are beginning to see the beneficial effects that legalising online gambling can bring, for years underground and illegal gambling has plagued countries and cities and the continent and tackling it head on now seems to be the best way to appease the market.

Bet365 and Tivoli casinos are just some of the bigger names that are starting new ventures in Latin America. Will we see other European betting providers follow suit and leave the European market for new markets further afield?

Internally, for a continent notoriously plagued with rampant corruption and poor economies it’s healthy to see governments finding new sources of revenue in ethical industries like online gambling.


Gambling on the African continent is a multitrillion dollar industry that’s just waiting to take off. It seems that South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria are some of the fastest growing markets while Tanzania and Uganda take the plaudits for Eastern Africa. The ethical concerns surrounding Africa is obviously a big one, many of the large casinos are making huge profits and capitalising on the novelty of broad band’s emergence into Africa. Is gambling becoming an epidemic in the continent? Do countries have the infrastructure to deal with the addictions and financial troubles that may arise?

The Rise of African Gambling

The rise of African Gambling is largely down to new technological innovations that have spread across the continent, but these innovations didn’t necessarily mean that Gambling would become wide-spread across the continent by simple means of access.

However, the growing interest in Africa is down to similar economic pressures that we’ve seen across the world. Unemployed or lesser economically well-off people are being drawn in by advertisements that promise big wins and easy money. As we know it’s never that easy. It would be naïve to say that this is the only reason why addiction and interest has soared over the years on the continent.

The appeal of the English Premier League and the influx of many African players into the English game has created a huge interest in Africa from locals watching their nation’s favourite players, playing in the biggest league in the world. With great sporting interest, arises the capacity for online gaming or betting operators to create markets for players to bet on.

The epidemic of gambling addiction that has arose in Africa is perhaps down to the notion that there are higher stakes involved in this area of the globe. It’s all or nothing and the difference between winning and losing could offer a way out of poverty for many of the participants in the industry. The side effects of the internet boom are welcomed in other countries, but Africa doesn’t have the infrastructure or support network to deal with young adults or people suffering from serious gambling addiction.

Positives to take

Despite the rise in gambling addiction across the African continent, some of the more developed countries across the nation are enjoying greater profits that have come amid the new online boom. The boom has created huge new markets and a huge new demographic for operators to market towards. The question remains whether the market will be opened up to other countries in the future?

Can they capitalise on a global web-traffic that’s only being appeased by a certain area of the market. It’s now time for local and federal government in Africa to acknowledge that online gambling is now just a significant aspect of social life. What needs to be done now is a strict approach to legislature that does its best to prevent any further addiction epidemics occurring in the area, and developing safeguards and infrastructures that create a safe and sustainable gambling climate similar to hubs in the UK, Scandinavia, and other EU gambling authorities.

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