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Mobile Slot Games 2021

Mobile phones have not only become the natural extensions of our hands when it comes to calling or messaging someone, but also in terms of gaming. Most of us play games on our phones, be it an action game on Facebook to online slots through our mobile.

Here, we are focusing on the latter, although there appear to be many similarities between today’s mobile slot games and the games you can play for free through apps or social media. Read below for more, but remember that Easy Slots is offering exclusive access to all of the below mobile features:

  • Mobile optimized website, compatible with all browsers.
  • Dedicated mobile casino app for iOS and Android software.
  • 800+ HTML5 slots and 300+ casino HTML5 games, including mobile bingo, mobile scratch and more.
  • Pay by mobile payments.
  • Mobile slot games bonuses.

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Ways to Play Slot Games on your Mobile

Online casinos were mainstream themselves, but technology has slowly pushed them to the back seat, with mobile slot gaming taking the lead. Over 60% of players in the UK play slot games on their phones, so keep reading if you don’t know this option.

First off, most of the online slots and casino games that you have encountered in all online casinos tend to be optimised for mobile gaming by the developers themselves. Thus, the choice of how players want to access their favourite slot games, remains primarily a question of personal choice.

Here, we will explore the ways that players can access and play mobile slot games, before taking a deeper dive into the topic.

Mobile Version of a Casino

The most obvious way to play mobile slot games is to access the casino itself through your mobile browser. The process is identical to the one that players employ to sign in and play slot games online. Almost every online casino is optimised for mobile browsers, such as Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla and Internet Explorer; and thus, when the player joins the site it automatically adopts to the screen size.

Mobile Slot Games Apps

The second, and only alternative, way to play mobile slot games is by downloading and installing the casino mobile app on your phone or tablet device. The best slot sites tend to develop applications that are compatible with most mobile devices and software systems, including:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows

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Mobile Slot Games Symbols

Playing slot games at an online casino is not really different to when you play mobile slot games. Therefore, you should expect pretty much the same symbols in your gaming options, including:

  • Wild Symbols – the wild is the most common symbols that you encounter in a slot game, and it substitutes all other symbols. There are variations of it in exclusive games, in the form of sticky wilds, expanding wilds and explosive wilds.
  • Scatter Symbols – the scatter be to play the players favourite symbol. It operates as any other symbol, paying out when it lands on the reels, but it usually also triggers the bonus games – if there are any in your chosen mobile slot game.
  • Free Spins Symbols – some games tend to have a free spins symbol instead of the scatter, which does exactly what the name describes: triggering the free spins round of the slot on your mobile.
  • Jackpot Symbols – if you are playing a mobile slot game that has a jackpot feature incorporated, then there will be one dedicated symbol to trigger it. In most cases, three jackpot symbols will have to land on the reels, although many progressive jackpots tend to activate at random.
  • High Value Symbols – the last most common symbol in mobile slots is the one that is closely aligned with the theme and pays out the highest possible amount. In most slot games, when the high value symbol lands on all the reels, or if it is combined with the wild, it automatically pays out the maximum win.

How we Rank Mobile Slot Games

The symbols play a significant role when we are ranking our slot games against each other, as these make the slot entertaining, fun and rewarding. Nonetheless, there are some extra factors that we take into account when reviewing a mobile slots title in particular, as these have to excel in more than the basic areas that online slots do.


Graphics is a major aspect in mobile slots, as these have to be adopted beautifully to offer an entertaining mobile experience. It is challenging to limit the detail and nuisance that goes into producing a perfect slot game in order to look as good in a mobile screen. This is usually the most important area when we are exploring whether a mobile slot game is worth playing.


Besides the graphics, the gameplay has to also be smooth, fun and engaging even when the players are just looking at a few inches long screen. This is where some developers stand out from the rest. Of course, we also rank all the mobile slot games against the following essential aspects, which are central to what the player gets out of playing the game:

  • RTP
  • Variance & Volatility
  • Bonus Rounds
  • Min/Max bet per spin
  • Theme
  • Maximum possible payout in a single spin


Lastly, it is important for a mobile slot game to be compatible with all devices and software systems in order to be ranked amongst the best. We do not favour a particular mobile phone software, as the casinos shouldn’t. Thus, their mobile slot games should be compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and even more software systems – if they want to actually call their games mobile slots.

Popular Mobile Slot Games to Play in 2021

Taking into account everything that we have mentioned so far, there a few mobile slot games that stand out amongst the rest in 2021.

  • Gonzos Quest Megaways Mobile – this is one of the best mobile slot games released in 2021. The game was in essence designed for all phones and tablets, since every symbol looks equally good (if not better) with the desktop version of the game. It offers medium to high volatility, free spins, multipliers x15 and an RTP of 96%. Megaways slots like Gonzos Quest Megaways, are a must play for all phone slot games players.
  • Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Mobile – NetEnt worked for years on this slot and this is why it turned out to be the favourite new mobile slot game of most players. With 96.6% RTP and a relatively high volatility, players could expect to experience quite a few rewarding bonus rounds in Street Fighter II mobile slot. These are also quite inventive, changing based on the fighter that players select.
  • Return of the Dead Mobile – this is our favourite Egyptian slot game and it can be played on any mobile device, as it would be expected from a Pragmatic Play release. The gameplay unfolds beautifully on smaller screens rather on desktop and players can expect to win often, as there is an RTP of 96.71% on Return of the Dead.

Playing Slots with Mobile Apps: iOS, Android & iPad

You can play the above mobile slots on any device you have at your disposal, it being an iOS phone, iPad or an Android device. The process to download it might be different in terms of the names, such as App store vs Google Play, but other than it should be identical. If you have found the online casino that you want to access through a mobile app, the steps are as follows:

  1. Click on the Store that you use to download applications on your phone or tablet.
  2. Tap on the magnifying glass to open the search area on your screen.
  3. Type the name of the online casino that you want to play on mobile.
  4. Use your fingertip, passcode or face recognition to allow the downloading to begin (note: most online casino apps are free, so there shouldn’t be any charge at step 4).
  5. The installation process should have begun and it will be completed in the next minute or so.
  6. At this point, you can freely tap on the application and sign up if you are a new player or use your online casino credentials to log in through your mobile.

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Free vs Real Money Mobile Apps

Most casino players might feel perplexed when they first see the term free mobile apps being tossed around, as most mobile casino apps are free anyway. However, most refer to the apps that are not linked to a casino as free slots apps or free casino apps; what are they?

Free mobile apps tend to offer a combination of classic video games with slot games that you would encounter at a real casino. These are free to spin and operate as real money slots, but without the potential of a real money prize. On the contrary, players will often have to perform in-app purchases in order to continue play for as long as they like – due to the nature of free mobile apps, which operate with free coins that reload every few hours. The most popular in the market are: Huuuge Games slots, GSN Grand Casino and Zygna Casino Games.

When discussing real money apps, there shouldn’t be any surprises; as these are the casino apps released by the companies to allow players to play their games from any device they fancy. To play, punters will have to deposit real money, but they also have a good chance to win real money.

Our verdict? Real money casino apps are so much better, as they offer a real game library, instead of 5-10 free slots, and the money that you spend might as well pay out. In contrast, indifferently to how many in-app purchases one performs in a free app, there is no chance to win real money.

Play Slots on Mobile Apps vs Mobile Version of Casino vs Online Casino

To begin with addressing this question, it has to be stated that online casino has already lost the battle vs mobile slot games. Players know what they want and they are not shy about it.

Nonetheless, there seems to be an equal split between the players who play slots through their mobile browser and those playing through the app. We are in favour of the latter because:

Ease – it might take you a few minutes to download the casino app for the first time, but following this small delay you will be always able to login in an instant.

Bonuses – the mobile casinos tend to also incorporate loyalty programmes specifically aimed to mobile players. Why miss out on free mobile slot games?

Complications – there is only one thing worst than losing in slots, and this is winning but having your rewards voided by the casino. This happens only in case of malfunction, which is much more likely to happen when you play through the mobile version of a site.

More games – there are more than a bunch of slot games that can be played only through mobile apps. On the mobile version of a site, you are likely to have the same game options as on the online casino; but, the mobile app might as well offer some exclusive mobile slots.

Faster payments – many casinos allow users to transfer funds from their phone wallets to their casino account with just using their fingerprint or face recognition tool. Forget about adding your card details again and gain on an online casino.  

Pay by Mobile Casino

To avoid any confusion with those accustomed with the term pay by mobile casino, mobile slots are something different.

Mobile slot games are all the casino games that you can play on your phone through a mobile browser or a mobile app.

On the other hand, pay by mobile casino is a payment method, which is available in many online casino sites. When employed, it allows players to pay with their phone bill and the charge comes through their phone provider. It is easy to use, safe, fast and it protects players from playing a lot of money, as there is a monthly limit set in place by most providers.

Discover more here through our pay by mobile casino page; to be honest, if you are playing mobile slot games already, why not go a step further and also pay for them with your phone bill?

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Always Play Mobile Slots Responsibly

Before we close, it is important the touch upon the issue of responsible gambling. It is true that we are an online casino and mobile slot games operator, but we only invite players to join us, as long as they enjoy the experience we offer them.

We are against compulsive gambling and we advise our players in regards to signs of addiction. Further, on Easy Slots you can take advantage of any of the following methods to protect yourself:

  • Panic button
  • Set a monthly limit
  • Exclude yourself from gambling
  • Contact us for support

As long as you don’t face any alarming sign, we invite you to play our slot games on mobile, application or online casino platform whenever you wish and indifferently to where you are!

Happy Spinning on the Go with Easy mobile Casino app/website.

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