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Why are There so Many New Slot Releases?

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New online slots games are everywhere nowadays. From the variety of theming to the different playstyles, there seems to be no end to the abundance of new online slots. But do we really need so many new slots? What’s wrong with the ones that we have now? Should we really be distracting players with new slots when they can win just as much on the current ones? Let’s find out.
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New Slots Means More New Players

The simple answer to the question is yes. There are currently over six hundred slot games on Easyslots, each one with its own unique stakes and odds. There are games for serious players that want to earn big money and games for those that like a small stakes afternoon full of gentle whimsy.

For the average person six hundred on one site might seem like a lot but, for those of us that are looking for some new online slots, this overabundance is a blessing. With such a variety the new slots provide either an added challenge or difference in stakes to keep the player hooked. If there was no further options, then online players may get bored and give up entirely.

Also, all it takes is one online game to grab a new player’s eye and then you have someone with an all new hobby, ready to experience all the new online slots available.

There are Hundreds of Theming Options

Another reason that there are so many new best slot sites is that the theming is always different. This adds more stimulation to those on the fence about giving online slots a try. If the standard looking slot machine doesn’t entice the player, maybe a space themed new slot will. Or one set at sea, or one jungle themed. There are so many options for theming new online slots that it’s no wonder that we get so many. Some sites like Easyslots offer such a variety of game sit’s impossible to play two similar games. Their themes range from:

  • Horror( Curse of the werewolf)
  • Mystical (Crazy Genie)
  • Desert (Caravan of Cairo)
  • Pirate (Boom Pirates)
  • Nordic (Champions of Valhalla)

With this in mind the possibilities of creating different games are literally endless. Developers are now even branching into licensed T.V and Film territory for those seeking to play in familiar territory.

Online Slots are Easier to Programme than Physical Machines

This may seem obvious but there are so many new online slot game releases because there can be. Building a physical machine for a brick and mortar casino takes time, resources and it is expensive. Let alone the size of the electric bill to run so many games.

By programming a new slot online, most of these burdens disappear. Online you can programme a new slot and upload it in a matter of weeks as opposed to the months of labour it generally would take for a physical machine. There are no wait times for players or a casino capacity which means that there is more times for players to actually, you know, play.

We Win Big

Let’s get to the most important thing about online slots. The players want to win. A slot game will only pay out as much as you are willing to put in. With more games available online, there are more chances to play and definitely more chances to win. It’s that simple.

That means more new online slots will always be developed to keep people playing online slots as long as possible. If the jungle themed game you love isn’t paying out one afternoon, just shift over and try your luck on a different online slot. This is only possible if companies continue to release new online slots.

Last Notes

The answer to the question Why are there so many new slot releases is extensive. When you get down to it, the real reason is that there is an audience for new slots. If there wasn’t then the multiple slot developers out there would just stop. Suppliers will meet demand and demand is good.

The real question should be, why aren’t there more new online slot releases?