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What Does NAP Mean In Horse Betting?

What Does NAP Mean In Horse Betting?

Ever come across the term "NAP" while perusing horse racing odds or reading tipster suggestions? If you're new to the world of betting, such jargon might leave you bewildered. Fear not - we're here to demystify this term for you. 

In the realm of horse racing and betting, the term "NAP" denotes a tipster's most confident selection for the day. The NAP bet is the horse that the tipster believes has the highest probability of winning a race. In essence, it is the top tip for the day, the one they suggest to back if you're placing just one wager. 

When a horse has "NAP" next to its name, it indicates that the horse, according to a tipster's judgment, is a good bet. It's vital to remember, however, that not all NAPs triumph. These are merely the supposed best bets of the day, and some tipsters may have a poor track record with their NAPs. 

Nap Meaning In Betting

The act of placing a NAP bet is more than just a blind guess. It's an educated prediction made by individuals with a profound understanding of the sport. These bets are generally given out daily, from Monday to Saturday, to members of betting clubs. 

The NAP bet represents a tipster's highest level of conviction in a selection based on their thorough analysis of the event. It is not always the favourite in a race, and the odds will reflect this. It's simply the bet the tipster perceives as being a good one to place. 

Where Does The Betting Term NAP Come From?

The term "NAP" has historical roots, tracing back to the 19th-century card game "Napoleon" or "Nap" for short. In this game, a player would call 'Napoleon' when they believed they held a winning hand. This term was then incorporated into the betting industry to describe a bet considered to be a probable winner. 

What Is The Nap Of The Day?

In the bustling world of horse racing, respected tipsters often provide their "NAP of the Day" — their top pick for the day's races. These NAPs are typically sourced from local papers or regional journalists – individuals who have their ears close to the ground and can offer an informed perspective on the day's racing. 

A NAP of the Day takes into account past successes, current form, the trainers, and the style of the track, making it a reliable source of information. In essence, a NAP of the Day is an informed NAP available for significant events. 

The Expertise Behind NAPs

NAPs are not pulled out of a hat; they are well-researched tips provided by the industry's best minds. These professionals excel at interpreting statistics in an effort to predict the potential impacts of current affairs, such as ongoing injuries. That is why following a NAP is a popular option among punters. 

However, it's crucial to emphasise that while NAPs are informed suggestions, they are still not foolproof guarantees. Even with an abundance of data and expert analysis, the unpredictability of race events means a NAP is still, ultimately, a guess. 


NAPs can be a useful tool for bettors, offering guidance and potentially increasing the chances of a successful wager. However, it's essential to remember that betting should always be a considered and responsible activity. Never bet more than you're comfortable losing, and be aware that winning is never guaranteed, even with a NAP. 

The world of betting, particularly horse racing, can seem complex and full of jargon. However, once you understand terms like "NAP", you may find it much easier to navigate and enjoy. So, the next time you spot a NAP bet, you'll know exactly what it means, and you can make an informed decision about whether to follow the tipster's advice.