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What Does EVS In Betting Mean?

What Does EVS In Betting Mean?

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Today, we're unpacking a key concept: EVS, or "Evens". This blog post is here to guide you through what EVS means in the betting world and explore the variety of bets associated with it. Let's dive into the world of EVS and see what it means for bettors. 

EVS Betting Meaning

"EVS" is an acronym for "Evens". It refers to a specific type of wager where the potential amount you can win is equivalent to your stake. 

In simpler terms, if you bet £10 on an EVS bet, you stand to win £10 plus keep your original £10 stake. This scenario occurs when a betting event is perceived to have a 50/50 chance (or close to 50/50) of happening, making the odds even. 

It's a popular choice for bettors looking for straightforward, balanced betting opportunities where the risk and the reward are evenly matched. 

What Is An Evens Bet?

An evens bet is another way of saying an even-money bet. That is to say that the odds of winning the bet are around 50/50, so the payout will match whatever the punter puts up as the wager - as explained in the example above. 

EVS Odds In Decimal Explained

"EVS Odds in Decimal" might sound like a mouthful, but it's actually a simple concept once you break it down. In the betting world, odds can be presented in different formats, and one common format is decimal. 

EVS odds, or Evens, when expressed in decimal format, are shown as 2.0. Here's why: decimal odds represent the total return you'd get for every £1 wagered, including your original stake. 

So, if you place a bet at EVS odds (2.0 in decimal), and you bet £10, you're essentially getting £20 back if you win. This total includes your £10 original stake plus £10 in winnings - some punters find it easier to think of it as £20 gross but £10 net. 

Decimal odds make it easy to calculate potential returns, offering a clear and straightforward understanding of what you stand to gain on an even-money bet. 

Why Bet On Evens Odds Bets?

Players often gravitate towards Evens (EVS) bets for several compelling reasons. 

Firstly, these bets offer a straightforward proposition: the chance of winning is perceived as around 50/50, making it an appealing choice for those who appreciate simplicity in betting. Secondly, the returns on Evens bets are easy to calculate, as you stand to receive the same amount of money as you wagered as winnings if your bet is successful. This clarity in potential winnings removes any complexity in figuring out what you might gain from your bet. 

Additionally, Evens bets are seen as a safer betting option compared to long shots, as they typically involve outcomes with a higher likelihood of occurring. This balance of risk and reward makes Evens bets a popular choice among both seasoned bettors and newcomers to the world of betting. 

EVS Betting Example

Let's say you're watching a tennis match between two equally matched players, and the odds for each player to win are at Evens, or in decimal odds, 2.0. Excited about the match, you decide to place a £20 bet on Player A to win at these EVS odds. 

Here's how it works: If Player A wins the match, your bet is successful. Since the odds are at Evens (2.0), you get your stake back plus the same amount in winnings. So, you get your £20 back plus another £20 in winnings, totalling £40. If Player A doesn't win, you lose your £20 stake. 

This example illustrates the simplicity and appeal of EVS betting. It's a straightforward wager where the potential return on your bet is easy to understand, making it a perfect starting point for beginners looking to get their bearings in the world of sports betting. 

Is EVS The Same as EV In Betting?

In the betting world, "EVS" and "EV" may sound similar, but they stand for entirely different concepts. EVS refers to "Evens" (even-money bets), indicating bets where the potential winnings equal the stake. 

On the other hand, "EV" stands for "Expected Value." This is a more complex concept used to measure the average outcome of a bet if it were placed many times over. EV helps bettors understand whether a bet offers a favourable return over time, considering all possible outcomes. A positive EV suggests a profitable bet in the long run, while a negative EV indicates a potential loss. 

Understanding these differences is crucial: while EVS focuses on an even-chance bet, EV assesses the overall value and potential profitability of any betting decision. 


Understanding terms like EVS provides a strong foundation of knowledge to help potential punters make more informed betting decisions, as it can help them determine whether a bet suits their preferences and budget or not. 

However, it's important to note that anything can happen in the gambling world; upsets and anomalous results are not unheard of, so winning is never guaranteed. Therefore, it's important to gamble responsibly.