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What are the best roulette bets?

What are the best roulette bets?

The roulette wheel is an alluring creature, known worldwide for it’s almost hypnotising blur of red and black as the dealer spins in and that little sliver ball slides around before bouncing into it’s potentially fruitful fate.

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However, much of what the general public knows about roulette derives from TV and films, and often, the appearance and the sights and sounds of the game are better known than the gameplay itself. Some may get to the wheel, look the dealer up and down and think, ‘hang on a minute…’

For those of you who are inexperienced on the roulette wheel, here is something of an introduction as we explain to you some of the best roulette bets. The term ‘best’ is subjective of course, so we have covered the roulette bet with the best odds, the strategies that may help you acclimatise to the table and more.


What is the ‘best’ roulette bet for an ‘easy’ win?

Well, the answer to this question, in terms of odds at least, has to be any of the bets that conure up odds that are evens. Whilst a 50% chance of winning or losing is not actually achievable on the roulette wheel, due to the green zero pocket on a European wheel or two green zero pockets on an American wheel, you can get pretty darn close.

Betting on the colour of the outcome - be it red or black - will give you evens odds and thus, the chance to double your money. Likewise, betting whether the landing number is odd or even will give you the exact same odds, thanks to equal amounts of either of the big spinning wheel. These odds do not change depending on whether you are spinning a European or American roulette wheel, but the chances of you succeeding differ ever so slightly, with America proving marginally less likely thanks to the one extra pocket on the reel. Neither your chances increase or decrease according to a different land or online best online slots 2020, as one could easily guess.

What is the best roulette bet for a big win?

If you deem the best bet to be the one that can land you the highest odds and the greatest amount of winnings, then look no further than the ‘single’ or ‘straight’ bet.

Set by putting your stake on just one number, this bet offers a huge payout of 35 to 1. Although so difficult to get right, in can of course happen and we guarantee that if it happens to someone you know, then you will surely hear about it.

Again, the chances of pulling of this mighty feat are not exactly 35/1 thanks to the green zero pockets or simply, the green pocket, depending of whether it is a European or American wheel that you are spinning. If you are still wondering what numbers to play at roulette click here.


The best strategy?

Well, there is a surprising number of strategies out there to try but the best well-known is certainly the Martingale system.

A good one to try for novices with a bit of time and even more patience, it sees you start with a low bet and only bet on evens odds. Should you lose, double your bet next time and should you win, decrease it. This should, in theory, mean that you cover your losses and eventually you have to win, right? Click here for more top-rated slot games online.