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Top 5 Roulette Strategies

Top 5 Roulette Strategies

When it comes to having a flutter, be it online or in a casino or bookmakers, many of us feel like we have a method to our madness. A theory to our flutter, if you will. There are also many roulette guides or tutorials for other games to start players off.

Be it the use of our lucky number, hedging our bets in one corner of the board or progressive betting our way to a small (very small) fortune, these secrets and habits are like the confidence we need to whack down a bet. But what if we told you that, for one game at least, there are some recognised strategies that actually work?

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The roulette wheel is one the most iconic aspects of the casino line-up, with those spinning red and black pockets seen in TV and film down the years and the likes of James Bond even fancying his luck on the wheel - and creating his own strategy, too. Yes, the blur of black and red has been a source on intrigue for gamblers and mathematicians alike, as both try to crack the code that the casino deals.

Now, of course, strategies cannot work every time as, there really is no control over where that silver little ball will land. However, here are our top 5 roulette strategies that are worth knowing and worth having a little flutter with, yourself. You can also try some of Easy's top-rated slot games online to play.


Martingale system

Starting with what is maybe the most famous gambling strategy of all - so famous that many people who haven’t even heard of it often think that they have invented it, such is it’s simplicity, we have the Martingale system.

A form of progressive betting, this can best be described by the notion that ‘you will have to win eventually.’ The aim of the game is to counter your losses by betting double what you did when you lose. Lose ten pounds, then next time bet twenty. If you lose twenty, bet forty the time after and you will cover your losses should you win. This works well on evens bets, of course but, you need a big budget and a lot of patience.

The Paroli system

This is similar to Martingale in that you must alter your bet every time, but rather than reacting on a loss, this encourages gamblers to increase bets when winning. Simply, you increase your bet after a win and keep increasing your bet as the wins increase, edging you forward and forward slowly and meaning that if you lose, you are back where you started.

Get the math right and again, be patient, and you could walk away a winner. Learn more about the roulette numbers here.

D’Alembert System

Again, this strategy is similar to Martingale but slightly lesser known.

Founded by a fine mathematical think, D’Alembert suggests that you bet progressively but not aggressively. Whereas Martingale suggests you double your bet every time you lose, D’Alembert wants you to increase your wager only slightly. This means you will still cover your losses, but be able to last a lot longer at the table.

Contre D’Alembert


As you may expect from the name, this strategy is the opposite of the above.

Still keeping the slight progression, instead of increasing the bet when you lose and decreasing after a win, you do the opposite - increase when you win, decrease when you lose. Again, patience is key, but if a genius mathematician says it works, it works… sort of

Reverse Martingale

Here we are again, a well-known strategy but in reverse - it’s funny how odds work.

Find a table with a good betting margin and put down a small bet on an evens bet like red or black. Then, instead of increasing when you lose, double your bet when you win, progressing on and on every time that bet comes in. If you lose, move down a step and once again, you are covering your losses. For all the games you may dream off, visit Easy best online slots 2020.