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Tips On How To Beat Online Slots 2020

Tips On How To Beat Online Slots 2020

If you’re wondering how to win at online slots, then first of all, we are sorry to hear that you’re not having much luck on the reels. Or perhaps you’re on a roll and simply want to ensure the winning streak carries on? Either way, if you want to learn more about online slots, and how to win some of the best UK slot games, you have to the right place. While there is no one way to win at online slots, this will hopefully provide you with some information on how to increase your chances of winning on those spinning reels. The online slot game is, of course, at its very core, a game of luck. All the best online slots are created using software which randomly generates outcomes on the reels, known as RNG.

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What is RNG in slot game?

RNG is extremely important to slot games and how to win at slot games. RNG stands for Random Number Generation and by gambling law, it must be used in all online slot games available in the United Kingdom. This software is all the maths that works behind the scenes of your reels, no matter what game you are playing. Whether you are back in Ancient Egypt spinning the reels of Cleopatra, or enjoying the undersea mafia adventures of The Codfather, the RNG will be what dictates whether you win or lose. Throughout history, a lack of technology meant that RNG was not used and more mechanical means were used in the earliest slot machines.

However, thanks to the thriving nature of the online gambling industry, and online slot games especially, the RNG is a hugely important part of gambling and gambling fair. The RNG ensures that the casinos can not give themselves an extra advantage and crucially, players are unable to hack the coded system either. If you want to know how to win at online slots, the answer would be to pray to the RNG gods.

Choose your online casino 

If you are looking for one way to increase your chances of winning, or perhaps increase the amount of money that you could win playing online slots, this here is a good tip.

The competitive nature of the gambling industry means that there is a wide selection not just of slot games, but of slot game providers, too. Online casinos are competing for your custom so, you as the player hold the cards… or in this case, the coins needed to spin an online slot game.

As all the online casinos out there want more people to sign up and gamble with them, they tend to offer welcome bonuses and offers, exclusively to new customers. These can be somewhat overwhelming as many online casino providers offer similar-sounding deals. However, if you are willing to put in the time and the research, you will find the best deals.

Better still, some welcome offers will be tailored to players who love online slot games. Free spins are now a common welcome offer, such is the popularity of this particular format of online gambling. From 50 free spins to big amounts of money in free bets, shop around and find a deal that suits you best.

We also urge players to read the small print of any welcome deal, too. There are often restrictions on the likes of betting limits and withdrawals that you might not realise, so make sure you do your research properly and bet responsibly.

Choose your online slot game

Not only is there a great choice of online casinos both big and small, there is a great amount of online slot games too, of course.

As if you did not know already, slot games come in different shapes and sizes. They come with different layouts, different amounts of reels, different bonuses and different betting ranges. To increase your chances of winning at online slots, make sure you have a good look around the worldwide web and find one that suits you down to the ground.

Be sure to pay close attention to a few vital details such as the jackpot amount, the betting range and the RTP. Betting range is particularly important as you want a slot game that suits your budget. If you want to only make small bets, make sure your slot game has a minimum bet that is in your range. On the flip side, a high-roller will not want to play a slot game where the betting is capped at something small.

Jackpots can vary from the humble to the extraordinary, with jackpot themed slots providing a thrilling prospect for more and more online gamblers. But just because a slot game has a huge jackpot, does not mean you are guaranteed to win more money. Be sure to check the RTP percentage.

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What does RTP mean?

RTP stands for Return To Player. All online UK slot games are provided to supply this information as a percentage with this number indicating how often the slot game pays out. The higher the number, the more likely you are to record a win. Again, a high number here does not necessarily mean you will win more money, it just means that you should win more often - and ear more slots bonuses.

Gamble responsibly 

The best and most important way to win at online slot games is to remember why you are playing them in the first place. And, of course, this should be with the view of having fun. Be sure to set yourself a budget that suits you so that, even if you do lose, you are losing an amount that you are comfortable with. Take regular breaks to avoid betting with too much emotion and remember that when the fun stops, take that as an indication that you should stop. If you think you may have an issue with your gambling, remember that online casinos provide information about responsible gambling and that you can speak to a number of experts about the issue, too.