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The World's Biggest Gambling Hotspots

The World's Biggest Gambling Hotspots

Want to travel the world one casino at a time? Well, now’s your chance. Most of us think Las Vegas is the only destination to place your bets yet that is far from the truth. As much as it remains at the centre of the gambling world for many, there are plenty of other places celebrated for their casinos. In this article, Easyslots will shine a light on some of the best places for you to visit for Gambling.

There are tons of places where you’ll find your favourite games, but we can’t feature them all! With that in mind, we’ve narrowed them down so you can start with the best. But if you're feeling tired and still want to feel the experience at home, then best slots online to play at Easyslots can help you with that!

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San José, Costa Rica

When most people conjure up of images of gambling destinations, Costa Rica is often overlooked. However, its capital San José has become renowned for its casinos. Home to 30 casinos you’ve got plenty of gambling options during your time here. It is important to know that there are games here with their own rules, so you’ll need to catch on fast.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Taking the title for Europe is the glitzy Monte Carlo. Known for its wealthy visitors and 19th century casinos, this is a gaming hotspot like no other. Not only do you get a view of the glistening Mediterranean ocean, but you also enjoy a sophisticated James Bond-like gambling experience.

Las Vegas, USA

We’re hardly surprised to see this one on the list. Arguably the number one gambling spot, this is a dream destination for betting enthusiasts all over the world. Home to some of the most famous casinos on the planet, just visiting these gambling establishments is an achievement in itself. Never mind the thought of winning a jackpot in the iconic MGM Grand! But these trips can be expensive for a casual gamer, so be sure to check out the range of the best online slot games our website has for a much cheaper alternative.

Macau, China

Standing out from the crowd, Macau is probably one of the most impressive gambling spots. Home to a staggering 33 casinos and the world’s largest, Venetian Macau, experienced betters will be in their element. That said, Macau is slowly making a name for itself as one of the world’s best casinos spots. So Las Vegas, watch out.

Aruba, Caribbean

Despite its small size, Aruba is packed with flashy casinos. For those looking for a thrilling gambling experience, you’ve come to the right place. As the birthplace of Caribbean Stud Poker, you can’t come here without giving it a go. Here, you’ll find open-all-night casinos from Alhambra to Crystal Casino and Casablanca, so don’t be surprised if you’re gambling into the wee hours.

London, England

London has never been classed as popular gambling destination as such, but the difference here is many of its most recognised casinos are exclusive venues. The Ritz is one of them, and as you can imagine those that come here aren’t shy when it comes to raising their bets. Aside from its elite casinos, you’ll also find a bunch of normal gambling spots dotted across the city.

Singapore, Asia

Fairly new to the casino world, given its strict laws on betting and the recent legalisation of online gambling, Singapore is now considered a top place for casinos. And it’s all thanks to the new and glossy, Marina Bay Sands. Ranked among the world’s top ten casinos this jaw-dropping venue has 600 tables and 1,500 slot machines – surely that alone is enough to reason to visit.