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The game of Roulette and its Numbers explained

Rouleette & Casino Games

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The roulette numbers are central in this casino game, as roulette is based around numbers and odds. There are 35 numbers around the edge of a spinning wheel, each alternatively colour coded with either red or black. A ball is thrown in as the wheel spins and the idea is to bet on where you think the ball will land. The player can bet on a specific roulette number, say 24, or pick the colour it lands on, red or black.

It’s an easy enough concept to get a grip on but there are so many combinations of roulette number odds that the game has become one of the more popular games to play. Especially on Easyslots.

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The numbers of the game

Roulette is a numbers game that can accessed in a variety of casino and best slots sites. There are thirty five roulette numbers to choose from with a 1/35 chance to land on the one you place a bet on. Then we have the colours to choose from. With only two to bet on, your odds of selecting correctly come crashing to just 50/50. However, by using this method you stand to win less but more often. Try choosing either red or black at Easyslots, a great site to play roulette or many other slots games.

Tipping the odds in your favour

Now that we understand the basic way to play roulette, how can we tip the odds in our favour?

There are many ways to win at this game. For example, there is nothing to say that you can’t place a bet on every roulette number. Sure, this decreases the stakes of the game tenfold but this is a good way to play if you’re someone that likes to bet for fun. Then of course you could play with just red or black. As mentioned before your odds are 50/50 this way. Again, a fun way to play not one that will earn you high rewards.

Playing for keeps

There are professional players out there that know the numbers of roulette inside and out. They employ mathematical strategies to win at the game, or more specifically to increase their odds.


This a numbers method that works in rows. Place at least three bets simultaneously in a line or column, e.g. 1, 2, 3. Every time you lose a spin, add another bet to the line, in this case 4. Keep doing this until one of these numbers come up. Whatever roulette number that is, remove it from the line.

The reason for this is that number now has a 1/35 chance of appearing again so it is heavily out of favour while the rest of your numbers now have a higher chance to show up.


This is a more risky play but it is probably the most well-known. The idea is based on doubling your winnings. For example, if you bet 2 units and win simply double your next bet to 4. If you lose, half it. This more a strategy to keep tabs on what you are spending rather than increasing the odds of your roulette number coming up. But it works out well seeing as the less you lose the more money you have to play with.


Of course, playing savvy is always advised. Analyse the table before you and guess the patters. By betting certain combinations of roulette numbers, you increase your chance of winning. These do not have to be specific but the general gist of roulette is that if a number comes up, that is the least likely number to appear again so avoid it like the plague. In a similar vein, the numbers that have not popped up for a while are good to place bets on. A winning combination of these are sure to stack the odds in your favour.

Last Notes

Roulette is a simple game, one that is easy to learn but difficult to master. The way you bet can determine the numbers you get, other times your luck just might be against you. If you are new to roulette I highly suggest giving it a go on Easyslots

You can play high or low stake but the important thing is always make a note of those numbers. Easier games like slot games - are also available on EasySlots.