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The Future of Online Slots

The Future of Online Slots

Online slots games are some of the world’s most popular computer games right now, with millions of people across the world logging into online casinos to play slots every day. The advent of the internet in the 1990s really gave the slots game a boost, and that boost was intensified in the early years of the 21st century, when technology allowed slots games to be played on mobile devices for the first time. 

As technology continues to move ahead in leaps and bounds every year, with concepts like Occulus Rift and 5G becoming more common, slots games are sure to continue to evolve. The capabilities of mobile devices are increasing all the time too. Here at Easy Slots, we will take a closer look at some of the possibilities that could occur in the future of online slots.

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Online Slot Graphics

One obvious area where the development of new technologies will affect slots games is in the way that they look. Concepts like HTML5, used by developers like Red Tiger Gaming, has allowed high definition graphics to be deployed on slots games that are played on mobile devices. Developers like Net Entertainment and Microgaming have developed a clearly identifiable style of graphics, with the standards improving all the time.

As technology develops, especially for mobile devices, the standard of graphics is sure to improve even further, making the slots gaming experience even more immersive. Of course, there is another type of technology that is developing rapidly that may make slots games even more immersive, and we’ll deal with that in the next section.

Virtual Reality Slots

One of the most exciting technological developments for gamers of all types is the ongoing progress that virtual reality technology is making. Occulus Rift technology has already been used by developers such as Net Entertainment to create a truly immersive gaming experience for players. Virtual reality is like actually being somewhere else, and being truly a part of the game that you are playing.

While this technology has been applied to more conventional types of video games to offer players an out of this world experience, it is now being used in slots games too. Net Entertainment have exhibited versions of their iconic Gonzo’s Quest game that have deployed virtual reality, for example. Slots Million casino also introduced some virtual reality aspects into their services in 2015. Virtual reality should also transform the whole experience of playing in a live casino online too. 

Skill Based Casino Games

One aspect of slots games that keen gamers often find frustrating is that there is little skill or strategy deployed in playing a slots game. Instead, you are completely at the whims of the random number generator, alligned with the slots promotions available on each site. There is very little skill used in playing slots online currently, though some games developers are beginning to add touches to various games. The autoplay button remains in use too often on some slots games for the tastes of many modern gamers, though.

Adding a touch of skill to bonus features in games will help to keep players more engaged, and keep them coming back to the games that they have enjoyed. Many gamers like to feel a sense of challenge, especially younger gamers who have grown up with video games as part of their life. As a result of casino operators attempting to tap into this market, we expect to see  more games have skill-based elements in them in the future.

High Paying Video Slots

Many casinos feature slots games that offer progressive jackpots, some of which can be genuinely huge. To achieve these big payouts, you are still at the mercy of the random umber generator, though. As more and more games add bonus features that have a skill component, we expect to see the level of jackpot payouts rise even more. After all, skill should be rewarded with some sort of tangible prize.

As we outline below, casino services are likely to become more personalised in time too. This means that prize levels can be tailored according to a customer’s preferences, and possibly to their budget too. Casino gamers want to feel that they have a chance of winning a good sized prize, after all, and casinos are sure to start offering some bigger prizes soon as they look to retain their share of a very competitive marketplace.

Online Slots Future

More Personalised Games and Services

Another area where online casino operators might look to develop is to personalise their services to cater to individual customers’ wants and needs. The marketplace when it comes to online casinos offering slots games is very crowded. This means that casinos need to find ever more sophisticated ways of keeping customers happy and retaining them.

In this day and age, of course, keeping track of customers’ personal requirements is not too difficult, thanks to digital technology which can keep track of their shopping activities and other online activities. This means that casinos can offer customers bonuses and other deals that are specifically targeted at them. So if someone likes playing Net Entertainment’s slots, such as Gonzo’s Quest, the casino can offer them a bonus deal tailored to those preferences. It is almost like playing in your own personalised casino.

Last Thoughts on the Future of Online Slot Games

Online slots have been on a long and interesting journey over the last two and half decades. The advent of new technologies has always added a new aspect to the way that slots games are presented and played. As more new technologies and types of gaming software become available in the years to come, there are sure to be yet more exciting developments for fans of playing slots online to enjoy. 

If you enjoy playing slots online, make sure you pay close attention to the kinds of online fruit machines that your favourite casino offers you. There is already a great variety of slots games out there, so make sure you stay up to date with the latest trends and game releases. You are sure to find something new to surprise you!