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The Best Online Slots to Play in the UK

The Best Online Slots to Play in the UK

The world of online slots is an exciting one right now.

UK slot games have never been better. You can easily find the best online slots to play. The standard for slots has never been higher and neither has the demand.

The rise of the smartphone has led to a rise in online gaming and gambling on-the-go. It has never been easier to have a flutter online and the growing market has created a demand for quality when it comes to online slot games.

The format has come a long way since the humble fruit machines that you can still find today. Nestled into the corners of pubs, clubs, chip shops and bars, you can find simple and somewhat nostalgic slots out and about. However, the slots bonuses and best casino slot games are now found online.

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What Makes a Good Online Slot Game?

There are many ways in which a slot game can excel. The diverse selection of slots these days means that there are plenty of different kinds of games, themes and layouts for online video slots and this leaves a lot of room for developers to work with.

One thing we always like in a slot game is a high standard of graphics. These seem to improve year after year, with the technology available to developers only getting better and better. There was a time when online slots were made up of a few flickering pixels but now, the online video slot game is a 3D experience.

The more detail that has gone into the graphics and overall aesthetic of a slot game the better. Developers have built great reputations based on their ability to put realistic and ambitious graphics into this popular gambling format.

Also, an original theme can go a long way in helping an online slot game stand out. There are so many to choose from these days and sometimes, certain themes can be a bit oversaturated. Luck o’ the Irish slots is very common, as are Ancient Egyptian slots and slots based on Chinese traditions.

More out there slots have used zombie apocalypses, well-known movies and musicians and pretty much anything you can think of in order to provide inspiration for a spin.

Best Casino Bonus Features

One big lure of online slots in the UK or otherwise is the inclusion of bonus features. These are parts of the slot game that you just don’t seem to find down your local boozer.

Ranging from theme relevant bonuses that take you deeper into the narrative of your favourite slot game to more common bonuses like the inclusion of a free spins feature, a good bonus round can make for a good slot game.

Some retro-themed slots actually go without bonus features, providing a more humble, stripped back gameplay. However, if you are into bonuses in your slots, you will not struggle to find some great ones.

Bonuses can offer big multipliers which, aside from the base game, can provide your best chances of securing a big win. Free spins rounds are effective not only because they won’t cost you any more money, but also because they usually include multipliers and special features as you spin.

Perhaps even better still, some games offer free spins rounds in which you can actually win more free spins. Usually triggered by the landing of between 3 and 5 scatters, how many symbols you land will often directly correspond to how much of an advantage your free spins will be. Should you be allowed to land these scatters again with your free spins, the bonus feature fun will continue.

Random bonuses might also occur in some of the best UK slot games to play. These are, as the name suggests, triggered at absolute random. As such, games with random bonuses can be a tad unpredictable and keep you on your toes. Yet, the random helping hand can go a long way in turning an average spin into a very good one.

Mini-games are also an intriguing aspect of modern online slot games. These can range from game to game and theme to theme, with the likes of a wheel of fortune style games and double or nothing gambling features being commonplace.


UK Online Slots

The Best Slot Machine Developers 

A good way of finding the best UK slot games is to check out the best developers.

There are some really consistent and top-notch developers making online slot games at the moment and many of them are either based in the UK or active here. If you are a regular player of online slots you will notice a few names regularly pop up.

One such name is Microgaming, one of the longest-running providers of online slot games. They are unbelievably consistent and always have a new game up their talented sleeves. A newer name would be Leander Games, whose commitment to amazing graphics and elaborate themes has gained them a really good reputation among the gambling community.

Another name to look out for is Yggdrasil. Similar to Leander Games but perhaps even more well-known, Yggdrasil slots have their own unique aesthetic that is instantly recognisable. In essence, this consists of a really colourful, cartoon-like look with some of the most impressive most advance graphics anywhere in the online slot game scene. 

Finally, NetEnt is an example of another prolific and impressive developer of online slot games. These guys are always around the top of the best games to play in the UK, releasing some really popular slots. NetEnt is very 2019 - you can expect all of their latest titles to be payable across all the major platforms. This means that, whether you like to play on mobile, tablet or desktop, you can do so with a NetEnt slot game.

Titles from the developers mentioned here are always worth a spin, as they produce some of the best online slots in the UK.

Best UK slot games


As mentioned, the range of slot games in the UK right now is quite incredible. Some of these titles you will already know all about as they are surely amongst the best UK slot games.


Rainbow Riches


We start with a true classic here. Rainbow Riches is as much of a series of slot games as it is just one game.


A household name and brand in its own right, BarCrest’s creation is a beloved staple of the online slot game world. With a Luck of the Irish theme and a great sense of humour, Rainbow Riches titles are loved for their great bonuses and simple gameplay.


There are loads of titles to come from this prolific series, with Rainbow Riches releasing games with different features, layouts and jackpots under the same name. Rainbow Riches: Pick n Mix is a great choice, with so many bonuses to choose from. You quite literally pick and mix the bonuses from other titles to create a slot game that suits you down to the ground.


All Rainbow Riches games have lots of colour and of course, you can expect rainbows, pots of gold and loveable leprechauns to emerge on the reels. This title is actually so long-running that you can find offline, land-based versions of this famous slot game.


Mega Moolah


Another of the best UK slot games to play is Mega Moolah.


This is a game enjoyed in the UK but famous the world over, thanks to breaking a world record for the most money paid out to a single player. The theme of this game is quite simply big money and big jackpots, with a progressive jackpot to make your eyes water.


Over seventeen million pounds have been won by individuals playing Mega Moolah, a game that truly does what it says on the tin. Such big wins are possible thanks to a progressive jackpot that varies and grows as you play. In theory, you can spin and spin on this game, one of the reasons as to why it is so popular.


Well, that and the truly enormous jackpots on offer. If you like the sound of Mega Moolah, there are plenty of other jackpot slots out there, too, as this kind of game is its own subgenre within the online slot game format.


Penguin City


Here is an online slot game that showcases the potential of the modern slot machine.


Penguin City combines amazing graphics and a unique theme, with its reels set in some kind of China Town that is inhabited by funny cartoon penguins. This is also an example of the good work that Yggdrasil do, with those top graphics being very much the work of this popular developer.


Yggdrasil often uses penguins in their games and this has become something they are well known for. Penguin City is some of their best work and certainly a slot game that is right top there with the best slot games in 2019.


88 Fortunes


The attention to detail is what makes 88 Fortunes a really good online slot game.


Using the popular traditional Chinese theme, the number 88 frequently occurs in this title. 88 considered to be a lucky number in Chinese culture and as such, the betting here starts at 88p. Going up to £88 per spin, it is little touches like this that makes 88 Fortunes a top-class slot game.


As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of slot games with a Chinese theme, but this only makes the work done here more impressive. Some great bonuses triggered by gong icons makes for several ways to win in a wonderfully designed slot game. Definitely one to check out.


Foxin Wins


Here is a slot game that, despite being released in 2013, is still one of the best UK slot games to play in 2019 - Foxin Wins.


Hosted by a wealthy fox, there is something uniquely and brilliantly British about this slot game. The fox welcomes you into his not so humble abode, where massive works of art grace the walls and a set of reels occupies the middle of his living room.


Write how this fox got so rich is unclear, adding to the good sense of humour on show in Foxin Wins. The game also includes one of our favourite random bonus features where random really is the word.


The leprechaun bonus sees a little leprechaun randomly enter the screen and run across the reels. As he scrambles across the screen, the fox will stop him in his tracks. Then, your foxy host will turn the poor sod upside down, shaking him until gold coins fall from his pockets, adding them to your cash wins.


A weird and wonderful slot, this is one of the best to slots to play in the UK, for sure.




Here is an example of a slot game that blends the past with the future. Set in space, there is a simple yet unique layout to this overwhelmingly popular slot game - Starburst game!


Starburst has a wonderfully unique layout as you will learn about as you play it - you can win in several directions, as opposed to the more old school more limited slots. The fresh format makes for loads of ways to win and a gameplay feels that really flows and flows. Hours have been lost to this addictive game, but you won’t mind if you walk away from your screen with a decent cash win.


Developed by NetEnt, this is one of their most popular slots and this is definitely down to the uniqueness of the layout. Wilds only appear on the middle reels and betting starts at 10p. This game is actually widely acknowledged as the most popular slot game ever, a real claim to fame when you consider the amount of competition.


There is a jackpot of 500 in this slot game and expanding wilds that make up the only bonus feature. Despite having just one bonus feature though, it is a very effective one that keeps people coming back to this iconic slot game.