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Slot Machine Cheats: Do They Exist?

Slot Machine Cheats: Do They Exist?

Can you beat the game? This is something so many gamers ask, even if they have no intention of attempting to cheat fruit slots machines themselves. Our fascination with cheating the system stems from wanting to stick it to the companies we feel are taking more money from us than they’re giving back.

If you look back through history, there’s no end of high profile stories in which gamblers successfully stole money. However, nine times out of ten, this happened in a bricks and mortar casino and not an online one, which begs the question do online slot machine cheats exist?

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High Profile Slots Hacks

In short, yes. Online slot machines can be hacked, scammed, and/or cheated. That being said, a lot of the time these hacks have relied on a number of factors rather than a user's ability in order to succeed. 

What is more, there’s also the fact that slots are regarded as “negative expectation games”, e.g. you’re more likely to lose than win. This isn’t to say that best slots uk online to play are a con and you’ll never win, but more that RTP and volatility all determine how easily wins will come your way. Those among us who have managed to get past these mechanics have relied on three main cheats:

  • Specialist tools and manipulation - creating fake tokens in order to play for free.
  • Software errors - taking advantage of unexpected software glitches.
  • Mastering the PRNG of a game - being able to understand the algorithm, thus allowing you to predict future wins and when they’ll happen.

If we have to rely on rare occurrences, how can we ever hope to cheat these slot machines? It may surprise you to learn that it’s less about cheating the system and more about using common sense. You’ll never be able to outthink a randomly generated sequence, but you can develop your gameplay in such a way that you regularly walk away the victor.

How to “Cheat” Slots

  • First of all, you’ll want to make use of the bonuses available. Although they often come with specific terms and rollover requirements, they allow you get to play slots with extra cash in the bank. One of the best strategies you can have is enough money to ride out the twists and turns of the reels.
  • It’s vital you know when to call it a day, which is why setting a loss limit is a slot machine hack every player needs to utilise. Online gaming is fun, but it should be fun you can afford - the moment you start playing outside of your means, you’ve already lost.
  • Lastly, seek out progressive jackpots. These are a great way to bag a lot of cash, especially if the game randomly triggers said jackpot during its base and mini games.

You already possess the tools to master the art of slot machine cheats, but as far as truly cheating the system goes, top-rated free slot games is hard to beat.