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Slingo Games Inspired From Slots

Slingo Slot Machine

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If you love Bingo and slot simultaneously, then Slingo is the best casino game for you. Slingo is the innovative creation of Slingo Originals, adopting the best features of slots and bingo to develop a super exciting hybrid version.

Slingo isn't a new addition in the online casino market; however, its popularity boomed in recent years. The key reasons for Slingo popularity are its slots inspired titles that appeal to players to check out their favourite titles' revamped version.

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This slot inspired Slingo games guide will introduce you to Slingo games and describe some popular Slingo titles inspired by slot games.

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Best Revamps of Slots into Slingo Slot Games

Players get excited paying Slingo games as some titles are the revamped version of their favourite slots. Slingo Original uses the popular slot titles and recreates them into Slingo masterpieces to boost players' excitement. Let's see which slot games inspire Slingo titles.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Rainbow Riches is the revamped version of Rainbow Riches' popular slot game that earned its popularity for its super rewarding bonus rounds. Slingo Original gives the popular slot a fresh and innovative look with unique gameplay that's easy to play but with different reward levels. It's simple to play, match the reel numbers to the grid and make as many Slingo as possible to increase your payout.

The goal of the Slingo version is to win the gold pot that's available on the other side of the rainbow. The bonus rounds include wishing wells, toadstools, gold pots and lucky coins.

Slingo Starburst

You may think nobody can upgrade the popular Starburst slot game, but Slingo is up for some surprise with the Starburst Slingo version. The developers have sprinkled some of the new starbursts with ancient magic to enhance the player's gaming experience. You'll be well rewarded with free spins, wild symbols and real cash prizes.

Spin the reels on the classic Slingo grid to complete Slingo and mark off numbers. Ascend the ladder on the left side of the screen to earn Win Spins in the Starburst bonus game, which is activated after the game or anytime you press 'Collect.'

Work your way to the top of the Slingo ladder for a guaranteed win with a dazzling Starburst Wild, which can extend across the reels and trigger a re-spin to help you land even more winning combinations!

Slingo Starburst is completely optimised for both desktop and mobile use, allowing you to play whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you. Are you ready to take off? Slingo Starburst is now available to play!

Slingo Fluffy Favourites

This time, Slingo Originals has the dancing pink elephant slots Fluffy Favourites and recreates into Slingo format. The gameplay will remind you of all other Slingo games with a 5x5 grid and the bonus ladder to reward you with grand prizes. You can activate the Fire Balls Bonus by landing 3 Nellies on the reel or trigger the fun bonus games like coin Pusher Bonus. Play it here.

Slingo Reel King

Slingo Reel King is a fast-paced, thrilling game that blends the traditional slot Reel King with the popular Slingo mechanism for twice the enjoyment!

This is the Slingo 5x5 grid where you spin the reels to complete Slingo and earn money. And this new Slingo game has some intriguing new features!

Reels can randomly ping on any spin, moving you up the Reel King path, where five thrilling extra games await.

Slingo Britain's Got Talent Game Description

If you enjoy watching BGT on Saturday nights, you'll enjoy this thrilling Slingo slot. The reels will change colour as you match the grid numbers, replacing them with renowned Britain's Got Talent star emblem. This slot offers the potential for big winnings, with a £20,000 jackpot. Every victory raises your total payout, while Super Jokers and extra coins add to the fun! Check it out here.

Where Does Slingo Originate From?

The term Slingo is the hybrid of 3D slots and bingo features produced by UK Slingo Originals. The Slingo originated in the 1990s and since then enhanced casino experience to another level.

The gameplay of all Slingo games is almost the same, where players have to spin the reel and match the numbers on the grid. The more numbers you mark off and great Slingo, the better your chances of winning the huge jackpot.

Do you know what makes Slingo games exciting?

Every Slingo game has a bonus ladder with levels, and every Slingo gets players bonus rewards and steps up towards the ultimate prize. The betting range of Slingo games is also reasonably accommodating, for both avid and novice players simultaneously.

Slingo Gameplay Guide

More and more online casinos are adding Slingo games in their games library as players are interested in playing these hybrid games. At Easy Slots, you'll be happy to know there are tons of Slingo titles inspired by your favourite slot games ready to play with real money.

However, to play these slot titles, you must know the gameplay before wagering with real money. Overall, the gameplay format of the Slingo is almost the same for all games, and you have to mark off a number on the grid and make as many Slingo as you can that could win you super rewards. The guideline below will give you a head start to the Slingo games like a pro:

  • Start with signing up to a legitimate online casino for safe gambling.
  • Choose the Slingo game of your choice; if you search Easy Slots, the options are extensive, expanding from Slingo Starburst to Slingo Riches.
  • Click on the game, and the screen loads within a few seconds.
  • Usually, the screen unfolds on a 5x5 number grid with a 5x2 reel below surrounded by bonus features and a spin feature.
  • Place the bet to start the 10 spin batches.
  • The spin will activate the reel row that settles on random numbers or symbols.
  • The number corresponding with the grid automatically turns stars and marks off, or you must select manually.
  • Completing a line horizontally, diagonally or vertically create a Slingo that upgrade your bonus level on the game, creating the possibility of winning a massive payout

Slingo Special Symbols & Their Role in the Game

The beauty of innovative Slingo video slot games lies in their bonus features that appeal to many players. There are a few basic bonus features or symbols that all Slingo games display. These are:

  1. Joker: The symbol appears randomly on the 5x1 reel above or below the grid that enables players to choose a random number from the column directly above or below the joker.
  2. Super Joker: This number takes the joker bonus feature to another wheel; when a super joker appears on the single reel, you can mark off any number on the entire grid.
  3. Free Spin: It's a random symbol that will win you a free spin, helping you in boosting your payout.
  4. Devil: Like the name, this symbol is the devil of Slingo that restricts players from making any move. You cannot mark off any number in the column the symbol shows.
  5. Coin Reward: You get instant prize cash when the coin reward symbols appear.

Besides these interesting bonus features, Slingo games have bonus levels that boost players’ payout with spins. The bonus levels are linked with the winning lines you form on the grid at the end of the game. Every Slingo game has its unique bonus levels, named according to the theme. 

What happens when your spins set is complete?

Once you have completed your 10 or more set spins and the free spins, if you won the game, the Slingo game presents you with a choice.

You can end the game instantly and collect your winning prize, or you can continue playing by buying extra spins. It may increase the possibility of completing the winning line and improve your winning chances. The spin prize depends on the numbers left on the grid and how close you are to the grand prize. It's tempting to purchase extra spin in; however, avid gamblers think otherwise and advise ending the game immediately WHY. Here are their reasons:

  • Purchasing extra spins may get you close to the grand prize, but the spin cost becomes expensive, which is not worth the risk.
  • It may lead to spending a load of money and ending up in more losses than wins.

PRO TIP: When marking off the numbers on the cover, the number covers the most winning lines on the grid.

Best Slingo Games to Play on Easy Slots Casino

After reading the guideline, if you are intrigued to try new Slingo titles, here is the list that will be a great head start in the Slingo world.

Slingo Title


Min/Max Bet


Slingo Centurion




Slingo Lightning



Low - Medium

Slingo Reel  Xtreme




Monopoly Slingo




*All values are subject to change at anytime.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to the slot games are subject to change at any time.

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