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Roulette pay-outs explained

Roulette pay-outs explained

One of the most famous games in the casino, be it a real one or one found online, the roulette wheel has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings in 18th century France.

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Literally meaning ‘little wheel’ in French, roulette can however throw up a big amount of outcomes and as such, allows for a range of different pay outs. That said, the best online slots 2020 game is simple and once you get to grips with how the pay outs work, you will know exactly what you are doing when the dealer asks: ‘Any more bets?’



Roulette is one of the casino offerings that gives gamblers the chance to try their luck out of an evens bet. Essentially giving players the chance to double their stake - or of course lose it - it is the evens bet that tends to cultivate so many top-rated slots games worldwide.

This is due to the sheer simplicity of betting on either red or black, or odds or evens. Doing either of these is super easy and very rewarding if you are taking a big risk. The evens bets are known as outside bets and what is more is that the simplicity of their nature has allowed for various betting theories to be created that apply to the game of roulette.

Be aware, though, despite being evens in terms of odds, the chances of winning such a bet in the game of roulette sits at just under a half chance, thanks to the addition of the green zero pocket - or pockets if you are playing in America - which do not act as either red or black, or odd or even.

Inside bets


On the inside of the betting matt you will find many more intricate bets and it is here where the big money can be won.

Betting on a single number is known as a straight bet or a single bet, offerings odds of 35 to 1. As you would expect, this makes for a very ambitious bet with a chance of just 2.6% or 2.7% of coming in depending on what wheel you are playing.

However, these odds can be cut by betting on more than one number at a time. A two number combination reduces the pay out to 17 to 1 - still a hefty prize. Combinations of three, four, five and six number combinations are also options for inside bets, coming in at 11 to 1, 8 to 1, 6 to 1 and 5 to 1 respectively.

Furthermore, betting on an entire column or a dozen act as safer bets that offer odds of 2 to 1. These have a 32.4% chance of landing when spinning a European wheel and a 31.6% chance of coming in on an American wheel.

Betting names

The terms of straight, split, street, corner, double street and basket are used to describe inside bets, acting as single bets all the way up to six number bets in that order.

Remember you can put more than one chip down on the board, helping you to do moves like Neighbours of Zero which covers 17 numbers of the wheel that are all close to the zero. Learn more here about the numbers at roulette!