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Playing the Best Video Slots

Take a look at our top slots favorite video for you to try out.  There’s something for everyone – from high RTP rates through to increased free spins.  Whatever you would like to find in a video slots game online, we will have best-rated slots games you are looking for right here in this list:

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Rainbow Riches

Isn’t it true that a pot of gold lies at the end of every rainbow?  If you don’t believe this popular saying, why not take a look for yourself when playing Rainbow Riches.  With this Irish style video slots game, test your luck and see if the gold really is at the end of the rainbow.  There are lots to keep you amused when playing this online casino game, from the dancing leprechaun to the enticing Irish landscape background.  This is a 20 payline game where the minimum bet you can place per game is 20p and the RTP is 95%.  Bet up to £500 and increase your chances of winning by using any bonuses you come in to contact with.  You never know, the luck of the Irish may just be on your side and help you to win a whopping £100,000. Learn more here.

rainbow riches


Reel King Mega

Want to be in with a chance of multiplying your stake by 500?  Then why not take your chances by playing on Reel king mega and see if your luck is in with this 20 payline, 5 reel video slots game.  Feel like royalty as you play this addictive video slots game where the King and Queen feature highly and there is a bouncing crown which creates wilds for you to gather bonuses from.  Place a maximum of a £400 wager and rest assured knowing that with an RTP of 95.12% you will be very likely to win big returns.  If you have previously enjoyed the game known as Red Tiger, you will love this video slots game, as this is the modern equivalent.  There are 10s, jacks, blueberries and cherries which entitle you to lower paying prizes on the reel, as well as Kings, Queens, and golden coin bags which give you the bigger monetary value wins.  Alternatively, you can align three red number 7s to multiply your original wager by 25.


7s to Burn

The number 7 for many players is a very lucky number and with this game, it is no exception.  This is a 5 payline, 3 reel video slots game and is an impressive Hi Roller style game.  The aim of 7s to Burn slot game is simple: match three symbols.  Looking out for the seven which has been set on fire as this entitles you to a substitution for any other symbol in the game.  This can be a great way for you to win money as you are able to choose the flaming seven for any other symbol of your choice and increase your winning chances substantially.  With a great payout rate, the player can expect to see a 95.1% RTP when they play 7s to Burn which will leave them with nothing but a hole in their pocket as they will continually want to credit their account with more cash so that they can continue playing this video slots game.



Dig deep and transfer yourself into a mine shaft where you can see if you can find the gems, diamonds and more exciting symbols to increase your winnings.  Bonanza is one of the most effective ways to win cash on the current market because there are 117,648 ways in which you are able to win money every time you spin the reel.  This is a 6 reel video slots game with an RTP of 96%.  When you win, the symbols which have enabled you to win are crushed and shattered into pieces which instigate the falling of the rocks higher up on your screen.  When this occurs, the likelihood of a winning combination of symbols align is instantly increased and your winnings can soar without the reel being spun again.  Each gem that you come across in the mine has a different value attached to it and depending on how many other exact matching gems you manage to align, makes a considerable difference to your prize money.  The best gem can help you to obtain 50 coins and help you on your way to winning the jackpot which is often of six figures when you are playing Bonanza.  Using the scatter and wilds will help you on your way to this huge amount of money, though it will be your mining art that really seals the deal. Play Bonanza here.



Irish Luck

We don’t want to stereotype but think of all the stereotypically Irish lucky charms.  The four leaf clover, the leprechaun and perhaps even the odd pint of Guinness of lucky rainbow…the chances of being able to win and test your luck with Irish Luck are endless.  This is a 25 payline video slots game with 5 reels and there are many ways in which you can win large quantities of cash, including scatters, pick me bonus, match and win bonus, and the prize pick.  It seems that the dancing leprechaun and the sweet looking fairy are the most advantageous symbols for you to look out for and try to line up.  Not only are they good for instant wins but they are also the symbols that entitle you to the best bonus features on the game as well.  This is a great game for players looking to increase their initial wager substantially without purely relying on the spin of the reels.  If the Irish are on your side, you may be in with a chance of having your original wager multiplied by 100 or even be entitled to free spins to help to win instant cash without having to spend a single penny of your hard earned cash.  The Irish are known for being lucky, but will their luck be on your side as you embark on your journey and play Irish Luck today?