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Pay by Phone Casino Sites

Casino Sites Pay by Phone

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We’ve come a very long way from the casino sites of old, thanks mostly to a constant shift in technology. Your phone has the ability to do just about everything nowadays, including pay your way into the sites you love, and the slots games you play. If you’ve never heard of pay by phone casino sites before, don’t worry, they’re actually pretty easy to get to grips with.

Ease of use is the aim of the game when it comes to these pay by phone bill casinos, which will be the major takeaway from what we talk about here. Every site you come across will have a phone element to it through the games they offer, but these pay with your phone casino sites take that to the next level! Practically anyone with a handheld can participate here, making it a universal option made for all!

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What Are Pay By Phone Casino Sites?

There are a lot of casino sites out right now, so to stand out you need to have a unique selling point to wrangle in punters from all walks of life. What is one thing that customers care about most other than the money elements at play here? They care about their time, which is where the pay by phone casino not boku come in — streamlining the process of how you approach casino sites yet again!

You see, pay by phone allows you to deposit funds into your account using your mobile phone bill, and is arguably the easiest way to pay upfront and jump straight in across some of the best games out right now.  Smartphones have completely revolutionised the way we play to begin with, but this takes it up yet another notch. It doesn’t matter if you’re pay as you go, or a contracted customer either — you just need a working  phone to do it.

All of the major phone networks are applicable to these phone deposits too by the way. You can pay by UK phone with networks like EE, Vodafone and O2, who are all giving you the go ahead to deposit funds this way. If you aren’t sure whether or not your provider offers this sort of privilege, then why not reach out to them? Some networks might have this sort of info online for you to check out.

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How to Pay at a Pay By Phone Casino Site?

Like we’ve just said, you pay at these casinos using your mobile phone bill, rather than pay through funds from a debit card or electronic wallet. In some cases you don’t even need a full account to pay via your phone bill either, which is great for testing out certain sites that you might not be too sure on. To pay by your phone bill and slot games online to play all you need to do is follow these very simple steps:

  1. Find a site that allows you to pay via phone (look for Boku or MuchBetter)
  2. Input the amount you’d like to play with (this is normally capped at around £30 a day)
  3. Reply to the verification text message to confirm your deposit
  4. Enjoy a wide selection of games with active credit on your account

Arguably the best thing about this payment method is that there are no additional charges when you put money in or take it out. Some of the more standard payment methods will almost always take a small piece from these amount; not when you pay by phone they don’t. Sites have FAQ sections if you’re still wondering how this all works, give those a read if you’re still left wondering how this all works.

SMS isn’t the only option either. Phone deposits can be made through landline connections too! BT customer, all you need to do is call the number provided at whatever site you choose. You’ll need to verbally confirm the same actions as above, but it is another option for those out there looking to still pay in one of the easiest manners possible.

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Are Pay By Phone Casino Sites Secure?

They are indeed, although we’d recommend you stick with any sites that use Boku, MuchBetter or PayForIt as the service provider — these are the three big names in the world of pay by phone casinos, and are known to be incredibly reliable and secure. All of these services have been licensed and have been used hundreds of thousands of times from customers; paying with your phone deposits have never been safer!

Phone casino sites have many measures put in place to ensure that you aren’t overspending too, which is definitely something to look out for if you care about how secure your own wellbeing is visiting these pay with phone credit sites are. As mentioned, phone casino sites will cap your daily deposits at £30 — an amount that should be more than enough to see you through a few hit phone slots surely.

One of the best ways to test the quality of these pay by phone casino sites is by checking to see what type of encryption is used outright. Try to find a site that uses SSL Technology as they have a proven track record, ensuring that your data is kept incredibly safe when you’re on the site. Contact the site directly if this info isn’t otherwise stated clearly. In an idea world you should avoid mobile casinos that have poor encryption.

Can I Play Mobile Slots With My Phone?

Of course you can! Almost all of these pay by phone bill sites are full to the brim with some of the latest mobile phone slots offerings. Almost all the big casino sites will have a mobile app for you to download, which  gives you the opportunity to take these slots with you on the go — as long as you have an active signal that is! Many players have already made the complete jump to smart phones, why? Because they’re incredibly convenient.

Almost every mobile casino port you come across utilises HTML5 in an attempt to keep up with desktop. Some phone slots you find are perfect for mobile, as they don’t have a lot going on graphically speaking, making them quite cute — Eyecon’s defining fairground slot: Fluffy Favourites springs to mind. Every notable online slot title will come with a mobile variant, here are some of our personal favourites:

  • Starburst (NetEnt)
  • White Wizard (Eyecon)
  • Chilli Heat (Pragmatic Play)

Keep in mind that casino bonuses can be utilised in any mobile versions of the same site — the same goes for any outstanding welcome offers! If you’re a new player reading this then know that phone slots are a very handy option for you, especially if you’re trying to work off a wagering requirement and spend more time on your phone than a desktop.

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Pay by Phone Casino FAQs

Still left with a few questions on how this all works? Here we’ll be covering a few common questions we get when it comes to the enigma that is the pay by phone casino.

What is a pay by phone casino exactly?

A pay by phone casino allows you to use your mobile phone bill as a direct method of payment, cutting down the time it might normally take for you to deposit drastically. Phone deposits like these are known to be one of the most reliable and safe payment options around.

How do I deposit using my phone bill is it hard?

All you need is a phone that has the ability to send and receive text messages — yes, this means you will need signal. Every requested deposit will require an SMS prompt. Simply reply to the message (normally by replying with the letter ‘y’ or ’n’ for no). Look on your account and the funds will be there almost immediately.

Am I restricted to this one payment type at these sites?

No, every phone casino you come across will have all the notable payment options for you to pick and choose from accordingly — you know, Paypal, Visa, Visa Debit and all the other major payment types. To have only pay by phone options would ultimately limit

What are the advantages to paying via phone deposits?

The benefits come in how streamlined the process is, allowing you to make a quick deposit without the fuss. Everyone knows how to send a text, which could be a lot easier for some players to grasp versus other payment gateways. No fees are applied on all kinds of deposits or withdrawals too; consider this your main reason to pay this way!

Why are my deposits capped when paying by phone?

This payment type is not intended to be a bottomless pit. Funds are capped for a reason, mostly due to how easy it is to deposit. Think about it, how often do you look at your phone contract compared to your bank account? It can be quite easy to forget you pay a phone bill, and these sites know that, hence the cap. 

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