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No Deposit slot offers: Is it truth or myth?

Slot Deposit Offers

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I’m sure you have all heard the news. There are online casino sites on the web that are offering players the chance to play their no deposit slots free. If that is the case, why are we not all clamouring for this bonus to play free slots to our hearts content?
It is a good question, one that has many answers. So, with an offer as good as this, are no deposit slots a truth or myth? Let’s take a look at what it is and who it is for.

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New players only

The aim of no deposit free slot offers is to entice new players into the world of playing online slot games. Casino/slot sites, like easy slots, will offer a free amount of credit to people that are curious about playing online slots. This will enable the person to bet on certain games and play some free slots.
It is a nice bonus to get people hooked without them losing anything, save a fun afternoon playing free slots. But it is an offer available exclusively to new players.

Credit only

The deposit amount that best slot sites offer is put in an online casino account in the form of credit. So, that means creating your own online casino account to begin. Also this means that you do not need to spend your own money to bet on slot games. That’s fantastic. But that can come with some draw backs.
For instance, if you are someone who is tentative about online security, having to set up an online casino account could put you off. Online betting is safe but for those in the fence, this could put them off of using the offer.

No withdrawals

It seems unfair but the idea of playing free slots no deposit is entirely deposit based. That means that a site will only allow the player to bet with the deposited amount, not withdraw the cash winnings should they earn some.
This is a tricky thing to unpack. On the one hand, if you aren’t winning anything, is there any point in playing in the first place?
But then again, winning might not be the only reason to play free slots. Some may enjoy the rolling of the reels, the beautifully themed games on offer and the buzz they get from that first time they get lucky. That might be the only reward they are seeking. Money isn’t everything.

Other bonuses

No deposit slots is not the only way to get new players involved. Playing free slots with no deposit is great but some sites offer different incentives. Sometimes you may have to put a small amount of actual money to gain a large amount of free spins on a game. Many more spins than you would normally get for that amount. You’re still playing the games at a discount, just not completely free. What’s more is that you also get to withdraw the winnings that you have earnt. Not bad.

Sorry existing players

No deposit lot offers are unfortunately only available to new players. That means existing slot players are not included here. If you already enjoy many of the online slot games then there is no free deposit for you.
Instead, you get all of the wonderful bonuses that playing online slots on easy slots has to offer. Free spins, bonus rounds and loyalty rewards. No deposit slot offers might be great for new players, but it is just the first in a long line for dedicated betters.

Last Notes

No deposit slot offers are a way to gain new slot players by offering them free slots. For sites like easy slots, you can hook a player for life by losing very little. But there other ways you can do this.
For us players, the offer is fantastic however there are other ways to sample online slot games at a discount. In conclusion, No deposit slot offers are not a myth, but it is worth looking around to find the best offer, or truth, that you can find.