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Is there a way to play roulette safe?

Roulette Bets

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Roulette, like all online casino games, is a game of chance. Most people have their own unique roulette numbers strategy. Some pick the same numbers every time because of their lucky connotations, others because of a special connection like a birthday or anniversary.
 There are also those of us that like to play more calculated. Analysing the numbers that have been landed on before and mathematically deducing the likelihood of the next number to come up.
 But say you want to play safer. What are the safest strategies for roulette online games?

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A Safe Bet

Let’s start with the obvious. There are thirty five numbers on a roulette wheel, so why not place a small bet on each? You don’t have to bet much and you’re guaranteed to get at least something back.
The issue with this roulette strategy is that you won’t really win much by playing this way. Take into account how much you need to put down to cover all bases and how much that stake would win you. It isn’t much however it is safe. Try it for yourself at Easyslots and see what happens.

Red or Black

Instead of taking your chances on a single number and betting against high odds you could slash those odds in half. It’s an easy decision. You place your bet on either red or black and give yourself a 50/50 chance of winning as opposed to 1/35.
While this is a safe way at possibly winning at roulette it isn’t perfect. There is always that other 50% chance that the ball lands on the opposite colour. This is a roulette strategy safer than most but does not guarantee a win.

Place a flat bet

As mentioned before, there are plenty of mathematical ways to play roulette and this is one of the simplest tricks at your disposal.  Pick a number and place an amount on it. Do this every time and the odds will greatly improve the chance that the number you have choosing comes up.  Sure, you could face a long window where you do not win anything but roulette is a numbers game. Your number will come up.
Again, this may not be the most profitable roulette strategy but it is safe.

Combinations of Bets

Now let’s get technical. Like the with the safe bet method, there is nothing to say that you can’t place a bet down on multiple numbers. This may sound tricky but it is a roulette strategy that greatly increases the odds in your favour. Pick multiple combinations of numbers and watch as, eventually, one of your numbers comes up. The more numbers you are betting on the higher the percentage the ball lands on yours. Or why not play two games at once. Easyslots has plenty of slots and casino games to try your hand at.
This is a good way to reap some rewards and is safer than most strategies, but it isn’t concrete. Like all casino games, you do stand a chance of a loss.

Set your Bet limits

When playing roulette, one of the safest things you can do is not over exert yourself. Even if you are winning big it can be tempting to ride your luck and continue betting, but this is not always the safe way to play as your luck can turn on a dime.
Set yourself a certain amount that you wish to play with and, no matter how the game goes, do not exceed it. This can either work in your favour or count as a loss. But the main thing here is that you play it safe. Then you have more money for the next time you play roulette on Easyslots, or some of their other online slot games.

Last Notes on Playing Roulette Safely

There are clearly many ways to play roulette safely. Sometimes it is all about increasing your odds, other times its being as patient as you can. It all depends on what you want your winning roulette strategy to yield. If you want to play for fun, safe and low stakes is for you. If, however, you’d rather play safe and win big, you may just have to do some analysis and wait as the winnings come pouring your way. Join the best slot site for roulette games and more!