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Inside and Outside bets? Best Roulette Bets explained

Inside and Outside bets? Best Roulette Bets explained

Despite the simple nature of the roulette wheel and how well known the famous casino game is, when it comes to the betting, some gamblers may easily get confused.

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For roulette is a game far more complex than simply picking red, black or your favourite number. There is countless ways in which you can bet and, many of them don’t even involve looking at the wheel, they involve looking at the betting matt before you.

 Inside or Outside


If you do not know the difference between the inside and outside bets when you step up to the roulette wheel, you as well not be inside the casino and you could benefit from promptly escorting yourself outside of it.

In a literal sense, they are determined by their position on the betting matt and where you place your betting chips. The outside bets, funnily enough, are found on the outside of the grid and we will give you no prizes for guessing where the inside bets can be found.

Outside bets

In essence, the outside bets are the bets that are the most simple. It is here where you will find your evens bets. These of course include predicting on whether that little silver ball will land in a red pocket or a back pocket. Furthermore, with an outside bet, you can place a wager on the outcome being an odd or even number.

The chances of these coming in sit just under a 50% chance, and are this way thanks to the addition of the green zero pocket (or pockets if you are playing on an American wheel) which is neither red, black, odd or even. The outside bets are however, always evens in terms of the payout, acting like a ‘double or nothing’ bet.

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Inside Bets


Inside bets are much more rewarding should you get one right, as the probability of this is far less.

Rather than relying on the relative safety of an evens bet, is it here, with a straight inside bet, that you can hedge your bets on just one number on the reel. The payout, of course, matches the risk and betting on just one number and getting it right is the biggest prize possible in a game of roulette.

But also within the inside you can get creative. Placing your chip in-between two, three or four chips will increase your chances of winning, reducing the odds to a little more realistic measures. the quad bet sees a player place a chip on the point where four numbers meet, effectively betting on all four numbers involved. This is something that can only be done with an inside bet.

Furthermore, look out for the split bets, too. This is a bet placed on two numbers at the same time, applied when you place your chips on the line that separates the two numbered squares in question. If you want to learn more about the roulette numbers, click above.

What is the difference?

The fact that all outside bets are evens, is the main difference between inside and outside betting. Inside betting gives more ambitious odds and allows for more creativity in the way you bet. Which one is bets? Well, that depends on what kind of gambler you are and which top-rated slot games online you like.