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How to win at roulette

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Roulette is one of the most iconic games in the casino industry and as such, winning at roulette and roulette strategy are hot topics with online casino players.

In this quick guide to roulette we will be looking at how to win at roulette, touching on some roulette strategies and the types of bets that players can make on the roulette table. Winning at roulette is not simple to do but as you will find out, there are many ways to do so. Good luck and make sure to also check our best slots sites titles!


How to win at roulette

Roulette is actually a very, very simple game that in essence, is all about predicting where the ball is going to land. This is of course to easy at all though with so many pockets that it could possibly land in after the spinning stops.

The winner of roulette is the gambler who predicted where it would land and there are various ways to bet and win. How much you win will depend on what kind of bet you throw down on the table and can range from evens bets to very long bets if you were to pick just one pocket.

Inside and outside bets

There are tow main betting styles in the game of roulette and these are commonly known and inside and outside bets., They are named as such according to where they fall on the roulette table that players used to place their bets. For example, outside bets tend to be more simple and can be found on the outside for he grid that makes the roulette table. Red or black for example is an outside bet.

Inside bets are more intricate and can be used by those looking to pick several numbers or a combination of the numbers. These tend to have higher odds and result in bigger wins, but of course are harder to pull off. Most gamblers will use a mixture of both betting styles during a lengthy game of roulette.

Roulette strategies

Thanks to the nature of the game, with it’s limited number of outcomes, roulette has drawn interest from all kinds of mathematicians over the years and many have devised their own strategy. Whether to not they they work is another issue but there are definitely reasons to work with the likes of the Martingale Method, a theory that relies on evens bets such as betting on either black or red, odds or even. This method suggests that the player should double their bet every time they lose and halve it when they win, ensuring that losses are overcome and wins remain profit.

The effectiveness of this method is lessened slightly by the fact that despite the odds given, evens bets in roulette are actually slightly under 50-50 and betting rules might have it that there will be a betting limit on your bet. In other words, lose too many times in a row and you might not be able to double your bet any longer. Join and play more games today!