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How to Play Roulette

How to Play Roulette

So often is this spinning wheel of fortune depicted in TV and film, that you almost feel as if you know how to play roulette even though you’ve never hold the silver ball in your hands.

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However, walk up to the table be it in real life or in the ever growing world of online casino, and you may find yourself a bit stumped when you get there. You may even think to yourself, so how do you play roulette? So many numbers, so many options and so much spinning, it can leave you a tad confused. This is why you should read one among the best roulette guides available. 

Roulette in four basic steps


But fear not, as here is our guide on exactly how to play roulette - it is simple, after all. Essentially there are four main steps and we will work through these before explaining the intricacies of the betting options.

  • As so often in the casino, the first step of the game is to make your bet. But do not worry, by the time you are making your first bet, you will know how to roulette - just keep on reading.
  • The dealer is the one who handles the ball and he or she or the AI acting as the host of the game, will roll the ball into the roulette wheel. At this point, it’s still not too late to make a bet.
  • After some time, the dealer will announce that there are ‘no more bets,’ as the ball edges towards it’s final destination.
  • Next, the ball will land in one of the many numbered slots and depending on your bet, you could be a winner. Your winnings are respective to the odds of your bet, just like in any other gambling spectacle.

These are the basic steps of how to play roulette, but you may want to know some of the more advanced aspects of the famous game. Using chips in top-rated casino games online, you can place your bets on far more than just one number.

Different bets

Placing the chip on where different numbers meet will include up to four numbers on one stake, with the option to go up to a six number bet. You can also just bet on red or black or odd or even numbers, making for odds that are even. Find the winning roulette numbers here, and head over to our Easy roulette tables now!

American or European? 


Also take note of the fact that American and European roulette wheels are slightly differently laid out. This makes for marginally different odds depending on what style of roulette game you are playing. Essentially, America’s wheel has 38 numbered pockets where the ball can potentially land, going from 1-36 and including both a 0 and 00.

However, the European offering does away with the 00 or double 00, changing the odds as a result of the 37 numbered pockets on the wheel. The layout of the numbers is different as well, but the pattern still alternates between red and black.

Now you know how to play roulette, we wish you the best of luck and remember to gamble responsibly whatever roulette or online best online slots 2020 game you play.