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How To Buy Free Spins On Slots In The UK?

How To Buy Free Spins On Slots In The UK?

Free spins are one of the most popular features in slot games. They offer additional chances to land winning combinations without taking from your funds. Now, you may have heard that it's possible to buy your way into this bonus round, but this isn't the case. 

In the UK, buying free spins directly on slot games is something you can't do. This kind of feature, known as "feature buying" or "bonus buying", is actually banned. Why? It's all about keeping gambling safe and fun, making sure everyone can enjoy their favourite games without needlessly spending extra money. 

So, if you've heard about players buying their way into bonus rounds and thought, "I'd like to try that" - in the UK, this option isn't available. But don't worry. Slots are designed to be a blend of excitement and surprises, offering the opportunity to unlock those coveted free spins as you play the regular way. 

Now, let's explore what makes slots tick and how you can still enjoy all the excitement they offer, understanding the rules that make sure gambling stays a safe part of entertainment. 

What Are Free Slot Spins?

Have you ever been curious about what exactly free spins in slot games are? They're a bonus round that offers the chance to spin the reels without using any more of your money. Generally, these free spins hold the same potential for winning as regular base game spins. 

If you're playing a slot game and land a special combination of symbols - typically, three scatter symbols appear on the reels - then, ta-da, you've unlocked the free spins round. It's the game's way of giving you an extra opportunity to win without dipping into your wallet for another bet. 

Each slot game has different features, with some having free spins and others not having them. But even those that offer free spins may not trigger in the same way, so it's always a good idea to read through the paytable before playing so you know what features are available and how they work. 

But remember, in the UK, the idea of paying extra money to unlock these free spins directly from your wallet isn't an option. The only way to trigger the free spins round in a slot that offers it is to complete the triggering action outlined in the paytable. 

How To Buy Free Spins In The UK?

Heading straight to the point: if you're in the UK and looking to buy free spins on slots directly, you're going to hit a bit of a snag. Why? Because in the UK, any form of purchasing free spins or attempting a 'bonus buy' within slot games is off the table. This rule is part of the efforts to keep gambling safe and fun for everyone, making sure it remains a form of entertainment without encouraging excessive spending. 

So, what does that mean for you, the player? It's quite simple, really. The excitement of unlocking those tantalising free spins comes through the natural randomness of the game. Instead of purchasing them, you can only trigger them by spinning the reels and hoping the specific symbol combination or action required lands. 

By playing this way, not only do you stick within the guiding lines of responsible gaming, but you also get the full experience of the slot game as the developer intended. 

Bonus buying is prohibited because it is thought to encourage excessive spending. The UKGC found that bonus buying made it more likely for a player to pay the extra money to go straight to the bonus round, but it still doesn't offer any guarantees of winning or increased chances of winning. So, to avoid the problematic behaviour it is thought bonus buying can lead to, the UKGC banned the feature from slots in the UK. 

Is a Free Spins Bonus Worth It?

Now, let's chat about something many slot fans find themselves pondering: is getting a free spins bonus actually worth the excitement? Absolutely, and here's why. 

Free spins bonuses allow you to play without placing additional bets, yet you still have the chance to win, just like in a regular spin. It's a win-win, right? Especially since, in the UK, you can't buy these bonuses directly, so if they do come around as part of the natural game flow, they're particularly satisfying. 

Instead of landing a winning combination and receiving a payout, it adds to the thrill of the game by offering you a number of additional spins that don't use your funds and offer additional chances to win payouts. 

For beginners, understanding this can make the world of online slots even more inviting. Knowing that these free spins come by chance from the game's mechanics rather than through extra payment gives every player an equal footing and keeps the spirit of gambling fun and fair. 

In summary, not only can free spins bonuses potentially add to your playing experience at no extra cost, but not being able to purchase direct entry also aligns perfectly with the safe and responsible gambling practices encouraged in the UK. 

What Are The Best Slots For Free Spins Bonuses?

With a sea of slot games available, you might wonder which ones offer the best free spins bonuses. Well, fortunately, we have a plethora of slot games that offer free spins as a bonus feature here at Easy Slots

While there are no objective "best" slots for free spins bonuses since different players prefer different slots, we've compiled a list of some popular favourites among players. 

First up, we've got Big Bass Bonanza. A fishing-themed slot game with a maximum potential win of up to 2,100x your stake and an exciting free spins bonus round where the wild symbol can collect all Money symbols in view and award their displayed value, and every 4th wild symbol collected in a single bonus round resets the number of free spins. 

Next, Book of Dead takes place in the heart of Ancient Egypt. This popular game is well-known for its exciting free spins feature, where a random symbol is selected to be the Special Expanding symbol for the duration of the bonus round. 

Gonzo's Quest, another player favourite, doesn't just offer free spins but adds a unique twist with its avalanche feature, where winning symbols explode, and new ones fall to fill the gaps left behind, potentially leading to multiple wins on a single spin. 

And let's not forget Rainbow Riches, famous for its vibrant colours, Irish theme, and numerous bonus rounds that can potentially trigger over the course of playing. 

Remember, the thrill of these games lies in the gameplay itself, with free spins being an added bonus if they trigger. It's crucial to play responsibly and remember that winning is never guaranteed, and neither is triggering a bonus feature, including free spins. 

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to these slot games are subject to change at any time. Game features mentioned may not be available in some jurisdictions.