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How to beat online fruit machines

As it often happens with most best uk slots games, people are striving to figure out a strategy to come on top. In the case of casino games, like slot machines, more so – as the winner does not only earn prestige, but a money prize as well. However, beating casinos is not the same as winning over another team on any other game, since it is an industry relying on making profit. Thus, if players were able to hold the advantage over the casino, these wouldn’t exist in the first place.

However, it is crucial to remember that players can win and instead of complaining of old losses or claiming that the house is out to get them – attempt to put together a fact-based strategy that will prove fruitful. Online slots seem easy to play and quite basic at first, but there is nothing simplistic about them – as you will realise by reading through.

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How do online slots work?

Luck is an important aspect on slots, as it is in everything else. A random number generator (RNG) is apparent within each modern slot machine, which ensures randomness in each sequential spin. This could be either a blessing or a curse; for instance, you may just hit a jackpot and the next spin is again a jackpot – or you may have been losing for a whole year at the same top-rated slot games 2021.

Another important aspect of fruit machines is the Return to Player (RTP); this technical term refers to the percentage of money that will be returned to player in the long run. Most slot machines range from 70% - 95% with some being even higher. It is evident that it would never exceed 100%, as the casinos would pay more than they would earn. Easy Slots offers 500+ games with 96% RTP!

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Probability in online fruit machines

So with every spin a combination of the aspects that we discussed above is operating in order to trigger the relevant symbols that will appear on the machine’s screen.

The number of reels, symbols and pay lines also affect the rate that you will be winning, as each distinct slot machine offers varying prizes. An unfortunate reality is that the simpler the slot machine the less often you will be scoring a win. This is due to the rates of the rewards as well, since these games tend to pay much higher prizes. For instance, classic fruit slot games that operate on 3x3 reel basis with 9 paylines are forming winning combinations on a much lower rate than a machine that has 25 paylines or more.

Further, traditional machines lack bonus features, which are the main aspect that attracts slot players today due to the enormous rewards they offer when they appear on the reels.

Low jackpots vs high jackpots in fruit machines

Despite the fact that all of us would love to grasp the 1 million jackpot, realistically, it is not very likely. However, new slot games offer a number of different jackpots that are daily, progressive or game specific. By picking games that offer smaller jackpots you are more likely to leave the casino as a winner that day.

Of course as we have already mentioned above there is always the chance of winning jackpots continuously due to the RNG, but the probabilities of winning a smaller jackpot are much higher.

Winning at Fruit Machines

Set a bankroll before you bet on slots

Losing balance and continuously betting or increasing the bets that you are setting is a trap which sooner or later every players falls in. The drinks that more often than not accompany the iGaming experience also lead to unwise decisions – but it is extremely important to start playing on a set money balance.

This is usually called by players a bankroll and it is the set amount of money that you will be gambling at a time. By undertaking this measure you avoid considering the overall amount of money that you may have lost in the past and trying to win it back. Instead you consider what you have started on the day and should aim to double it. This way you won’t be sad the next time that you lose your bankroll, neither regret that you played.

However, it is essential to play on slots that offer bets proportionate to your bankroll. It would be wrong to sit on a slot machine that offers £5 spins or more while you are playing on £100 bankroll. I would suggest that your bankroll should be 200x your bet per spin in order to be able to enjoy the game for some time, just in case that things don’t go as planned.

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Online slot machines with bonus rounds

Considering that most players are betting on online slots in order to win a quite big amount of money – it is imperative that they manage to keep playing until that jackpot comes their way.

As it is mentioned in a previous point, most traditional slots offer high prices but on a lower rate. However, these do not tend to offer either bonus features or jackpots; thus, now that you are aware of that you should be playing on newer slot machines that offer multipliers, free spins or bonus rounds since these features can keep you in the game for much longer – sky-rocketing your chances of winning that progressive jackpot.

Finding the right casino for you

Based on all the information that we mentioned above, the importance of finding the right casino is obvious, since it must offer games that have the features that we described above. However, it is important to remember that you should always be able to control yourself and do not spend more money than you can afford.

One aspect that most people often forget to mention is that casino games are so much fun that they can end up being addictive. The main way to avoid this is to stick to your set bankroll and remember that playing should make you happy and if it doesn’t then you should stop it or seek help.

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