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Can you Beat Fruit Machines and Their Algorithms

Can you Beat Fruit Machines and Their Algorithms

Online gambling is loved by many, with the ultimate aim of the game being to not only get back more than you spend, but to beat the machine in a big way. We want a highroller win that everyone will talk about, but can we really beat fruit machines and learn their algorithms? The answer is more complex than a simple yes or no, but that doesn’t mean fruit machines are completely random.

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Understand What RNG Means

Also referred to as PRNG, random number generators is how online slots choose the next set of combinations that’ll appear. Designed by a mathematician, the programme ensures that patterns can’t easily be learned by the player - there’s no memory for the slot machine to use to recall when you last won or lost. In short, this is why fruit machines are a game of chance.

Occasionally programmes are created to hack this software, as well as users claiming to have mastered the algorithm to predict future moves, but those are hardly conditions that normal gamers can replicate. Therefore, while you can’t beat an algorithm, by accepting its unpredictability you enable yourself to be better prepared each game you play.

Winning at Slots

Use Paylines to Your Advantage

Most of the time, the best online slots 2021 machines, and even old school fruit machines, will have a set of active paylines, with the only exception being ways to win. The temptation to edit the number of paylines (when this option is available) is high because we think that less lines means simpler gameplay. When in fact, playing with all the winlines opens up more possibilities. The odds for you winning are always greater when there’s more spaces for winning combos to land on the reels. 

Keep Your Bets Low

This may sound like poor advice, given that many cheats suggest that increasing your wager when losing is the way to go. But if you’re on a losing streak, does risking more money really sound like good advice to you? No, it’s reckless and could sting you. The best way to proceed is to either call time on the game and choose another, or keep your bets small so that the losses don’t get too out of hand.

Playing Slot Machines to Win

Use Free Plays

Another fine way to beat slots is to learn how the game works before playing with cash, which means demo versions of any activity are worthwhile. Not every casino offers freeplays, but if yours does, take full advantage of it. There’s no risk when doing so, and you’ll soon learn how each bonus feature works, how best to utilise the controls, and whether the returns are worth the risk.

You may never find the perfect formula for beating fruit machines and their algorithms, but what you can do is learn handy tricks which help you hone your skills. We’ve covered several of the basics, but there’s still plenty of other ways to take control and get top-rated online slot games to work in your favour.

Key Takeways

So, what did we learn from this post?

  1. Slots are random, thanks to the RNG. This means that even when you think something will happen if you bet more, it is all down to luck.
  2. More paylines activated result in more potential winning ways.
  3. Do not alter your bet levels as a response to your gaming session; stick to your goals and bet conservatively.
  4. Try the free versions of the games, so that you are not betting compulsively to find out what this slot machine might have in store for you.
  5. Play on casinos that offer multiple slots, so that you find a balanced game with a good combination of volatility, RTP, and bonus features. Easy Slots is just that place!

Winning at Slots