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Guide to Mobile Slot Games

Once upon a time, not so long ago, the best way to play online slots games was through the use of your computer. This was usually a desktop which could not be moved, had limited internet and everyone had access to that device.  But this is no longer the case as mobile gaming devices have developed hugely over a short period of time, enabling games to be played on phones, portable devices and from any on the go location.  There is no reason why you should not be playing the best slots on mobile if you lot to play.

Easy Slots, for instance, has 500+ mobile slots, 100+ mobile casino games - and on top of that, a dedicated mobile casino app for download. For more details on the above, read below!

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Most Popular Mobile Gaming Device

Currently, the most popular way in which people all over the world like to play the best slot games 2021 is through the use of their mobile phones. This could be due to the constant internet connection, the high-resolution imaging or the fact that none of us are very often without our phones.  This means that we can game literally whenever we like, picking up where we left off and using leftover credit just by logging back into our accounts.  It’s so simple to be able to play and use mobile gaming apps designed for mobile phones, that quite literally anyone can access them.  All you need to do to be able to play is create an account and register yourself, if you haven’t already done so, of course!

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What Information Is Visible to the Mobile Players?

Players opting to use pay by mobile gaming apps have the ability to be able to access large amounts of useful information regarding the games they love playing or may be interested in playing on in the future. Not only are mobile players entitled to certain bonuses, such as free cash or spins that may not be available for players using other platforms, they are also able to see the RTP. This is the average expected percentage of the amount of money a player can expect to receive as they play on their chosen game. When deciding which games to play, it is always worth taking note of the RTP before you begin playing, as the higher the RTP percentage, the better your likelihood of winning substantial prize money.

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Mobile Websites or Mobile Casino Apps?

If you have decided that you want to play mobile casino games, such as slots, on your mobile phone then it is essential that you make sure that you have got the most compatible app for the phone you are using. There are apps made specifically for iPhones, Androids, Windows and Blackberry phones, all with different features linked to their brand of phone. For the online games to function at their best, the compatibility of software must be correct. Choosing the wrong app for the wrong phone will mean that games will not play correctly online, if they are able to function at all, the picture resolution will not be in focus and the chances of your phone freezing repeatedly on a particular screen is high. If you are looking to avoid the frustration of not being able to play at the time, speed and rate that you are used to playing, then eliminate these factors by ensuring the use of the correct mobile phone app.

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The Safety of Mobile Gaming

Playing slots on your mobile is the safest way you can participate in gaming online. This is due to the sophisticated level of protection included within the software written specifically for the phone you are using, the online banking connections and the fact that the most popular phones for gaming require a fingerprint or facial recognition to allow access to playing and monetary deposition. This adds a whole new dimension to protection, not just for you personally as a player, but also for your personal details, your bank, and your favored online casino. With increased security and protection all around, there is no nothing to worry about and you can invest all of your energy on having fun whilst online gaming.

Why is Mobile Gaming so Popular in 2021?

Mobile gaming has become so popular over just a few recent years because it is so interactive. There are many ways in which a player can feel like they are physically participating without having to take time out of their already busy life and head out to a casino.  Particularly in countries where gambling of any nature is prohibited, mobile gaming is a great way to participate in a safe past time without doing anything illegal. Players are able to shake or swipe their mobile phones and are also able to communicate with croupiers, dealers and other players in real time. It makes little difference whatsoever where people are playing around the world as mobile casinos are available for play day and night, with live streaming also becoming an increasingly popular way of playing.

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How Do Mobile Games Play so Effectively?

Mobile Games can be played so fast and effectively thanks to HTML 5. This ensures that the speed of the downloaded images and their quality is the best mobile gaming has ever seen. It does not use a large percentage of the battery of your phone to be able to use HTML 5 frequently which is great for players wanting to play as they travel. HTML 5 kicks in automatically when mobile games are opened, so you do not have to worry about storage space on your mobile phone because nothing needs to be downloaded for all of the bonus features of HTML 5 to kick in. Many different browsers are compatible with HTML 5 including Flash Player, though interestingly iOS still remains incompatible.

The big pro of HTML 5 for mobile slots casino users is that it regulates the running of the content as you continue to play. Even if you are in an area where the signal may not be particularly strong or your phone may have suffered a slight interruption, the use of HTML 5 will prevent you have having to stop playing your favorite online game. It keeps the speed of the internet connection maintained so that you can continue playing wherever you are, whenever you want, no matter what the signal strength surrounding you is like. HTML 5 ensures that mobile players need never be disappointed by interruptions to their play which is very important mobile slots casinos.

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What Do You Do If You Have Limited / No Storage in your Mobile?

If storage is at a premium on your mobile device but you are still wanting to take full advantage of mobile casino games, then there is no need to panic. You are able to play casino games without having to download anything at all so that no room is taken up on the hard drive of your phone, tablet or Smartwatch.  This means that you can keep your often limited storage free for the more important things in life, like the thousands of pictures you have of your pet and all of your social media apps so that you can stay connected to your friends and family around the world.

Playing no download games does not mean that the speed or quality of the games you can play are compromised in any way. Yes, there are a few games which are not compatible with this method of play but there aren’t many. If you are looking for a mobile casino game such as slots, blackjack, roulette or live casino, then you are in luck.

Best Mobile Slot Games 2021

For those slots players interested in playing on mobile gaming methods, there are lots of games you would be interested in knowing about so that you can try them at your own leisure. There are games which are exclusively for mobile gamers, as well as games which have the compatibility for mobile gamers to play.

  1. One of the most popular mobile games currently played is that of Starburst. This is a favored slots machine because it has a significant RTP, has a futuristic style, space theme, and multiple different bet levels for players to take advantage of. With 10 paylines and 5 reels, watch out for wilds, re-spins and special slowing gemstones which will ensure you win a good cash prize.
  2. Other popular favorites amongst the mobile slots gaming world, include Gonzo’s Quest and Egyptian Magic. Both with impressive picture quality and captivating themes, these games will be sure to keep your full attention for long periods of time. Gonzo’s Quest denotes the tale of the 1541 Spanish explorers who use a treasure map and their trusty ship in order to track down El Dorado. This witty but fun slots game has 20 paylines, 5 reels and lots of interesting symbols for you to try and match.
  3. Egyptian Magic has all of the stereotypical icons of the Pharaohs, with the Sphinx, Cleopatra, and the all-seeing eye, to name but a few of the most popular.  With 9 paylines, 5 reels and 3 rows, you will not only be wowed by the images but also by the authentic experience you have along the way.  For players interested in history, archaeology and general Egypt, this is a really popular game to play in a mobile manner.

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How to Use a Mobile Casino?

Before you begin, it is important that you do a bit of research as to which mobile casino you are most suited to. This can be in relation to whether or not your favorite game is useable in mobile casino applications if you are a frequent player, and can also be a good way for you to see which mobile casinos offer the best introductory promotions for new members. These are usually in the way of bonus spins or free cash and are usually very competitive with other sites so check for the best deal.  You can also see the RTP percentages which are a good indication of how successful you can expect to be when playing a mobile casino slots game of your choice. Great for comparisons, the RTP is the best way to decide which game to play based on the highest RTP percentage, the better.

Once you have made a well-educated decision, it is time for you to download the app you require making sure that you have enough storage on your phone before you begin downloading the new app. Sometimes this is done from your individual app store or alternatively can be done directly from the homepage of your chosen casino.  When the downloading of your app is complete, you are then able to complete the required information for registration. Create a memorable username and password so that you do not constantly get locked out of your own account and then you can credit your account with your first funds. It is usually in this instance that you will receive your introductory offer details via a code. Enter this code when required and your added introductory extras will also come in to play. When your account has been verified, you are free to use the mobile casino, look around and play any games you choose.

Registration is not a difficult process. Generally, it is a series of questions about you, including your address, date of birth and bank details. Yes, it does take a few minutes, but you would rather take a few minutes to ensure that your personal information remains safe, wouldn’t you?

Help! My New Mobile Game Won’t Load

Don’t panic if this situation is something that’s happened to you. Usually, when you download mobile slots, there are specific settings which need to be altered depending on what platform you are playing on and sometimes depending on what device, too. If you are unable to play the latest game you have downloaded on your mobile casino site then the chance of you simply needing to change a setting is high. The most common issue is that pop-ups have not been allowed.  If this is the case, then your mobile gaming app simply will not work. It’s really easy to fix, though.  Just go into the settings on your mobile gaming device and find “enable pop-ups” or something similar, then go back into the mobile app and see if this has solved your initial problem. It is likely that it has but on the off chance that this wasn’t the issue, the most common alternative could be a storage problem. In this instance you have two options: free up some space on your hard drive/memory, or play your favorite mobile casino games directly on the casino website so that no download needs to occur and no memory space is necessary in order for you to play.

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Why Should I Play Mobile Casino?

There are lots of pros to playing mobile casino, not only because it is so simple to set up or because it is so convenient for you to play anywhere, but because there are multiple other advantages. By using mobile devices to play your favorite casino games you are able to play on multiple different devices without losing out on rewards or bonuses and you don’t have to credit your account on multiple different devices. This is because your account itself sync the data across devices using the same account and enables you to make the most of the time you have and the device closest to hand.

Players of mobile casinos also enjoy using these apps because of their ability to be able to participate in games progressive jackpots. These are big sums of money that can, and often are, life-changing for the winners. A progressive jackpot is one pot of money which has been contributed to by multiple different casinos. This increases the number of players overall and therefore increases the jackpot which is the reason the progressive jackpot ends up being so large. It commonly reaches seven figures and this is definitely not something to be sniffed at.

The most common reason for people playing mobile casino slots is that they are often able to play for free but have the ability to win real money from doing so. This may only be the case on some mobile slots for a limited period of time, but it is certainly a good incentive to use a particular app or site. This is a popular method because players to do feel vulnerable crediting their account with their hard earned cash, they are more likely to try new games, and they are able to learn how to play new strategies without taking too big a financial risk.This technique carried out by the casinos is a great way to increase the footfall of their sites and apps because they know that we will love their sites or apps so much that they will more than likely end up making money out of us in the long term!

Mobile Casino on Smartphones

Using your Smartphone to play on your favorite casino games is a great, fun and convenient way to participate at your leisure. Often these games can be played whilst on the go or when multitasking and doing other things at the same time, thanks to the auto-spin capabilities of many of the mobile apps. This means that the app itself does the majority of the hard work for you instead of you having to stare at the screen for long periods of time and repeatedly press “spin”. But if you are a frequent player of mobile casino games, there is one big thing you need to be careful of – Do not run up an enormous bill for yourself in relation to your data.

We are on the go, now more than ever, with life getting busier every single day. As it is so normal to this generation, we do not often notice when our Smartphones flip over from Wi-Fi to 3G/4G but this is where the catch is. You need to be aware of your data package if you are frequent on the go player of mobile casinos otherwise playing on mobile casino games will be horrendously expensive if you exceed your data limit. As mobile casino games use a lot of data, this is able to happen a lot sooner than you perhaps image, and you really do not want to start your day with an enormous phone bill.  For players using mobile gaming on a frequent basis, it would be advantageous to both your anxiety levels and to your pocket if you ensured that you had unlimited data as part of your Smartphone bundle. This will save you money in the long run and will make sure that no nasty bills are encountered, through what you thought was a bit of harmless fun every morning on your way to work!

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Is there a time limit on the Mobile Gaming App?

When the very first slot machine was revealed for public use in 1887, the only way anyone was able to play it was by visiting one very specific casino during its very specific opening hours and taking their turn in the queue to play. Today, there are no set hours as to when and where you can play due to the convenience of mobile gaming sites and apps available to anyone and compatible with almost any device.

There are, however, limits that you can set for yourself to restrict your gaming habits from becoming an addiction. These can be time orientated, credit-based or loss related. The most common restriction players use for their own well being, is that of a time restriction, where settings can be changed to ensure that you do not play for any longer than you initially set out to. This can be set for the specific length of time it takes you to get to work on the train, for example, so that you do not feel the need to continue playing once you arrive at the office and need to start your day. It’s really easy to set a timer for yourself on your mobile app and when your time is up, a pop-up screen will inform you that you have exceeded play time. This can be over-ridden if you choose, but you must remember why you chose to put a time limit in place when you started!

Ready to play? If you are reading this page from your mobile screen, you can tap on the Play Now to start playing mobile slots or just download the mobile application of Easy Casino from the Play Store or the App Store!