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Growth in Demand for Mobile Casino Slots

With mobile casinos becoming increasingly easy to access by anyone in any area of the world, the mobile slots world is increasing in its popularity.  For these reasons, best slots to play gaming companies are taking advantage of technological advancements to be able to keep up with the demand for fun, new games that keep the number of players on their site from straying on to other online gaming alternatives.  The majority of online slots casinos are safe for players to use but it is good to know that there are some online casinos which are not and you should be aware of these before you register with any online casino site.

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Recent Growth of Mobile Casinos

In less than a decade, the mobile casinos of the US have increased at least 250% where they began the decade as a $20.5 billion industry and are set to end, it having exceeded the $52 billion mark.  When this decade ceases, online casino experts estimate that mobile casinos will be an industry of just shy of $60 billion.

As more and more countries alter their online gaming laws and regulations in favour of the casinos and the players, the best slot games industry is set to continue on in its impressive increase into the next decade.  With many countries having gambling restrictions in traditional style casinos, online or mobile casinos are a great way for players to get around these rules and continue to be able to participate in their favourite mobile casino games without getting into any form of trouble.

It has recently been predicted that by the time 2024 comes to a close, the industry of mobile casinos will have continued to climb to a whopping $94.4 billion dollars.  Increasing at this rapid rate seems to be possible as the laws and regulations of so many countries are altered to reflect the needed accessibility to online gaming in a legal manner to keep casinos and their players safe.

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Why Are Mobile Casinos Increasing in Popularity?

Mobile casinos are increasing in their popularity because technology is improving and advancing so quickly.  It has not been long since we were first able to play online casino games on our mobiles and then, rapidly, we have been able to play these much-loved games on other mobile gaming devices such as tablets, Smartwatches and Smartphones.  These are all popular with users because our lives are busier than ever before and people are always looking for a way to be able to multitask without having to sacrifice one area of their lives over any other.  For particular groups, such as commuters, students and stay at home parents, online gaming available on many different types of technical device enables players to keep connected at any time they desire.

Online casinos were only accessible if you were in one place for long enough to be able to use your laptop or computer to be able to connect to the internet and play your favourite online casino game.  Your source needed to be hard wired and multitasking whilst gaming was not really much of an option.  Now, with mobile devices being advanced at an impressive rate, the gaming developers are keen to keep up with the gamers needs and develop specific apps for their software to enhance game playing.


The Snow Ball of the Online Casino

Likened to that of a snowball rolling down a hill is the increase in popularity and industry worth of the online casino business.  In just three decades, the rise, popularity and net worth have soared beyond belief.  If you think that the first online casino was not released until the 90s, then you can see how far the industry has come in such a short space of time.  These online casinos have had to grow with the technology of the devices the users are wanting to play their games on.  Today, we use HTML5 as our means of playing online casino games at speed, high resolution and with ease of access.  But this may all be about to change as the online gaming world alters once more.  It seems that the most likely big thing to sway the online gaming world is going to be that of live streaming.  Let’s look into this more and find out exactly why players are making sure that this is the most popular way to game online; pay by mobile slots become quickly the new Easy trend.

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Future Online Casinos

Through process of elimination, stats and data collection, it seems that players of online casinos all over the world have seriously taken to that of the newfound live streaming.  This is a way for them to feel, act and even believe that they are playing their favourite games from within a casino without having to make the effort of actually having to attend.  Ideal for players in countries where gambling of any nature is illegal, live streaming is a great way for players to play familiar games in familiar ways.

Live streaming enables the player to be able to see a real human croupier or dealer, and they, in turn, can see the player through the use of a webcam.  They are able to communicate with each other easily and in real time, enabling the player to instruct the dealer as to how he wants to play.  For specific online casino games, this is fabulous, as Blackjack can be played in such a realistic manner that you could almost forget that you were not actually sat in a traditional style casino.

The other pros of live streaming are that you can play at any time of the day or night, can be of absolutely any ability to be able to participate in your favourite game, and can join a wide variety of tables.  Live streaming tables are currently so popular but still relatively new to the online gaming world, so there is often a little wait to be had so that you can join the table but you won’t regret the wait.  Often with 10 players per game, there are lots of new friends to be made with similar interests around the world whom you can communicate freely with through the art of live streaming.