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Gambling on the Go - The Rise of the Mobile Market

Gambling on the Go - The Rise of the Mobile Market

Not so long ago gamers could be found glued to their desktops, but today you’re more likely to find them stuck to their smartphones. With a sudden growth of pay by mobile slots betting, gambling on the go is extremely popular. Does this mean we’re about to wave goodbye to desktop gambling and land-based casinos for good?

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Why has it become so popular?

According to recent guesswork, a staggering 164 million of us will be using our mobiles to gamble in 2018. This all comes down to mobile gambling becoming easier through advancements in technology and changing behaviours. Here at Easy, we are dedicated to offering mobile friendly and only the best slots online to play to our users.

As more and more of us live hectic lives, gambling from our mobiles seems to be the most efficient option. Forget the days of popping in a betting shop or visiting a casino, now all of your bets can be place on the go. Therefore, you could be making money while you’re grabbing lunch or shopping. This change is also evident through recent advancements in technology, given the rapid emergence of mobile-friendly games. That’s right, a good selection of games are now supported on mobiles, meaning there are more options to place bets from hand-held devices.

Where has it evolved from?

Before online gambling there was land-based casinos, but internet gambling hasn’t actually been around for has long as you may think. It all started from one main event in 1994. First passed in Antigua and Barbuda, the Caribbean nation was the first place able to start online casinos, which was closely followed by Microgaming. Still around today, these developers were the first company to bring about the world’s first functioning online casino.

Technology has improved rapidly over the years, especially when we look back at the early days of top-rated online slot games 2021 gambling. If we were to re-visit the early days of internet betting most of us would be shocked by the dated graphics and unreliable game-play, not to mention how far technology has come on.

Nowadays developers are always striving to make sure their players have the best experience possible, and technology developments have allowed them to do this. As you can see the gambling industry has seen dramatic changes over the last 20 years, so it’s hard to even imagine how far it will have come in another 20.

What’s does the future hold?

Although statistics show that it’s younger gamblers who are more likely to use their mobiles to bet, younger people around the age of 35 are also more likely to bet. Therefore, we can only imagine that this massive market will continue to grow. We never know what the future holds, but in this case we’re pretty sure all games will be developed with a mobile version soon. This means more and more gaming companies investing in their mobile market to make sure their hand-held versions are up to scratch.

Now into 2018, it’s safe to say that the mobile gambling trend isn’t going anywhere! What do you think about gambling on the go? If you enjoyed reading this article be sure to check out another recent post on 11 things you didn't know about casino's.