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Fruit Machine Cheats

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Can you cheat a fruit machine? Well, when it comes to online slots and land based slots, they seem pretty foolproof.

But here are some fruit machine cheats that have worked in the past.

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Watching and waiting

A method most often used by regulars in pubs, this is all about knowing the fruit machine that you are looking to win on. While this is almost impossible to predict for most of us, even the most varied of land based slot machines - particularly older models - might be able to be taken advantage of by swooping regulars who know when the jackpot is coming.

These characters may not be the most popular people down the boozer, but when it comes to winning all your pound coins, they could not care less. This is a form of cheating in a way, because it is quite selfish of such people to watch and wait for their time to play. Perhaps watching as you put pound after pound into a fruity, these people will come in when you have given up and, having reaped the rewards of your pound coins, they will take the payout that had been brewing.

An age old fruit machine cheat that will go down in pub folklore. These guys usually have a nickname around the pub you are in, too, and it’s not always a kind one, either. The below cheats are not applicable in best slots sites, like Easy Slots!

The coin on a string method

Again, this is a method that is most often heard about in folklore and throughout history. You might even see the coin on a string method use to trick slot machines in the likes of cartoons and movies. While it may not work in modern day slots, or even in older models, this is a loveable way to cheat at slot machines purely through simplicity.

A comical way to play, it involves the player either tying a strong around a coin they are using as a credit, or even drilling a hole through the coin to weave the string through. The thinking is that once the game is started by the coin, the player can yank the coin back through the system and win or lose, they will get their coin back.

As mentioned, this method is a slot game cheat that probably only really works in cartoons as machines are made in a way to prevent such a simple cheating method, either via weight, shape or a contraption accepting the coin and not allowing for it to leave the machine once the game is triggered. Maybe do not try this one, and check out slots pay with phone bill instead!

Only play online slots with welcome offers

Finally, a way to play slots and also benefit from your bucks is to play online. Casino sites like Easy Slots allow players to make the most of welcome offers and sign up bonuses, often giving free spins and bets. Make the most of these and you will save your hard earned pennies. Find a good casino that offers free bets with no deposit, and you are off to a flyer and hopefully a win or two at no risk. To find these come and play our casino games today!