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Easy Slots Sign Up Bonus: The Best in the Business

Easy Slots Sign Up Bonus: The Best in the Business

Being crowned best in the business doesn’t come easy, a truth Easy Slots knows all too well. Since it started out in 2017, this best online slots 2020 casino has held a prime position as a favourite among iGaming users, primarily due to its stellar set of casino bonus. Many have even stated that the Easy Slots sign up bonus is one of the best there is. We don’t doubt that some of you may argue against that statement, but there’s no escaping how well received the site’s sign up bonus has been ever since it was changed from a standard bonus package to the Mega Reel.

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What Makes it the Best?


A great number of factors come into play when you analyse the Mega Reel - it’s far too easy to assume that the prizes make the promotion, when in fact so many other factors go into it also. Below is a brief overview of everything that makes the Easy Slots sign up promo the best in the business, with its operators being one of the main reasons.

  • Branding: Jumpman Gaming Limited are the ones who operate this website, and have been since the very beginning. The reason this is important is because Jumpman have been at the forefront of many top-rated slot games online to play and bingo labels, all of which has been well received. At this moment in time, they have over 600 plus slots to their name, with that number set to grow. By having a trusted name at the helm, new users can be assured of the service they’re receiving.
  • Prizes: As obvious as this may sound, prizes are vital for a bonus to be successful. The normal setup for sign up rewards is a percentage of the money you’ve allocated, e.g. a 100% deposit bonus for a £20 deposit. However, in the case of Easy Slots, you can get up to 500 free Starburst spins, a £10 Amazon voucher, and more, all of which comes from a single £10 allocation. Every set of 10 spins is worth up to £8, with the maximum conversion of bonus money being £250, both of which are signs of a good deal.
  • Familiarity: As odd as it sounds, the very fact that Jumpman Gaming use the same bonuses across their online casinos, helps create a better sign up bonus. This is because users become familiar with what to expect, therefore meaning that no nasty surprises will spring on them when they join. You’re not taking too great a risk when you play the Mega Reel sign up deal, you’re simply helping make your money go further.

Get Your Mega Reel Deal


Now that you know what makes Easy Slots, and its sign up bonus, so memorable, you can register to become a member and experience it for yourself. For a small deposit of £10 upon your first allocation of money, you can win a diverse mix of extras, all of which will help you settle into this new brand.