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Playing Online Slot Machines

Playing Online Slot Machines

With such an impressive variety of different slots casinos on offer for you to choose from, you need to know exactly what you are looking for to enable you to choose the best one for you. To help you with this choice, we have compiled a list of what we consider to be all of the most important things to keep in mind as you decide which slots casino is the best for you. Let’s take a look at all of the most vital factors:

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Take a look around multiple different best slot sites uk and see if you are able to engage with multiple different slots games. You want there to be lots of different choice for you and you want to be able to pick and choose between different slots game to keep your enjoyment going. Getting bored when playing on slots games is not an option, so having different games that you can jump between but all brought to you by the same casino is advantageous. Many people think the biggest advantage of this is that they only have to deposit one round of credit into one slots casino which will then enable them to play on many different slots games.

When it comes to looking at the variety of slots games available on a slots casinos, this can be viewed in many different ways. Some players want there to be many different themes of slots so that they can keep their attention for long periods of time. Other players want there to be a good range in the amount that they are able to bet on each game, where slots games can range from as little as 1p up to £200 or, in some cases, more. The volatility level can often be a good varying factor for many players as they want to be able to use the credit that they have remaining and make the most of it as they play without having to credit their account with more money. When this is the case, the differing volatility levels of slots games are an important factor to take into consideration and can help players get the most from their credit and their play time.


The Rate to Player or RTP, should always be taken into consideration before you start playing any sort of slots game. This is a good indication as to how financially successful you have the ability to be when you are playing a specific game. It is always advised to compare multiple RTP percentages before choosing a slots game so that you are making sure that you are playing the slots game with the best chances of financial success. To do this, you want to look for an RTP percentage which is as close to 99% as possible. There are no slots games much higher than this and certainly none which are 100% otherwise that would mean that you were guaranteed to win and as slots games are games of luck and chance then this is not possible.

However, it is not only the RTP percentage that should be taken into consideration by players but also the volatility level which we will discuss next. Looking at both of these factors together will give you a much better overall outcome.


The level of volatility of each slots game is constantly monitored by the Gambling Commission to ensure that the games are abiding by the correct rules of slots play. Due to this, the RTP and volatility levels can be trusted and should always be checked on a frequent basis even if you play that specific slots game regularly as the Gambling Regulations may see the need to update and change the volatility level or the RTP. Don’t assume that because you have checked these rates once that you will never have to check them again because this is a wrong assumption.

Looking at the volatility levels of a slots game will ensure that you are aware of two very important pieces of information: the likelihood of you being able to win and the kind of money you will be able to win whilst playing the slots game in question. Usually, the level of volatility of a slots game is dented through a specific terminology, usually, one of these words: low, mid or high, though there are many slots games that cross over between these levels which would create games of volatility levels such as mid-high volatility. 

Low volatility slots games help you to know that the chances of you being able to win whilst playing on that slots game are much more likely to happen but the amount of cash that you will be able to win will never be of life-changing value. As the volatility level increases, the chance of being able to win decreases the prize value will increase as it gets more and more unlikely and less frequent that winning will occur. This will continue until you get to the high, or in some cases very high, volatility of slots games levels, where the chance of being able to win is hugely reduced but when you do, the amount of cash you will be able to win will be significant and in many cases, life-changing. Millionaires and multi-millionaires can be created with just one turn on the reel in this style of slots game so if you are looking for maximum excitement, then this is the type of slots game for you to consider, as long as you have the budget for it.



Take a look around the slots casino and decide whether there are enough different styles of slots games to keep you occupied. If there are certain times when you will spend a considerable amount of time playing on slots game then this is an even more important factor for you, as you will need games that continue to excite you and will keep your attention span. There are so many different themes catered for within slots games that you will be more than able to find interesting themes for yourself. You might be interested in the Ancient Egyptians, the lucky Irish or be drawn to the South African Plains – whatever it is that you find fascinating, there are themes, characters and prizes that will be perfectly suited to you. All you have to do is spend a little time looking around at the different games available so that you know you have made the best decision for you.

Your Mood

Thinking about the frame of mind you are in is an important factor to take into consideration before playing on slots game or slots casinos. This is because you want to look after yourself when gambling and playing any games online. Ideally, to get the most out of an online casino, slots casino or gaming online, you want to be in a happy, positive and fun frame of mind so that you are able to make good decisions. This will also ensure that you are in a financially capable and stable mental position to be able to choose what to do with your credit, when to increase your credit, how to play, and most importantly, when the right time is to stop. As the famous quote goes “When the fun stops, stop!” and that really should always be your mantra when playing on online casinos. If you are not enjoying your experience, not getting excited, aren’t happy to be playing the game that you are playing, then the time has come to stop playing until the enthusiasm returns once more. Failure to do so will likely lead to serious financial problems, such as bankruptcy and could even lead to you becoming addicted to gambling. Both of these outcomes should be avoided at all costs, so when you think you need to stop, make sure that you do!


Looking at many different top slot games casinos providers is a good way to learn about the different promotional offers being deployed. You will quickly be able to work out which offers are better on which sites and which sites you are already affiliated with are offering deals that you can take advantage of or whether it would be more advantageous to register with a new online casino site.

Some offers and promotions are specifically aimed at new players as there is so much competition between the different casino sites that they need to find ways of enticing new players into their games. This is also a way of them stopping players from straying to other sites. This is difficult for online casino sites but is very beneficial to players as they can get so much out of the promotions on offer. There are free spins, free cash, doubled credit, and no deposit bonuses, as well as many more promotions. A lot of the same promotions are available to long-standing players as well, but make sure that you check the small print so that you are not disappointed. You should also check and see what bonuses are open to already affiliated players, as these bonuses are often even better than the welcome bonuses for new players. Sometimes, these are based on how much time you have spent playing on a site, how much money you have spent on a site, or the length of time you have been a member for. Whatever the reasoning, take advantage of as many promotions as possible as you will be able to increase your likelihood of winning without spending any of your own credit to be able to spin the wheel in many cases. It’s literally a win-win situation that you should always lookout for and always take advantage of.

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Before you start playing, you should always check that the online slots casino you have chosen offers you the ability to be able to alter the settings within the individual games and the overall site. By this, we are referring to the ability you have as the gamer to stay in charge of how long you play for, the amount of money you spend and the amount of money you are financially able to lose without getting into any sort of problem. On the majority of the bigger online slots casinos, you are able to alter the settings of these so that they represent not only you are a gamer subjectively, but also how you are feeling, behaving and playing on that specific day. The most important limit for you to take notice of is that of the bankroll which even professional gamers and gamblers will set before they start playing. This is the total amount of money that you are financially able to lose without getting into any sort of financial problem if you are not fortunate enough to win anything in return. When your bankroll is set, never change it once you have started playing on slots games and never increase your bankroll if your credit runs out. This will lead to dangerous play and potential financial ruin through gaming addiction.


The biggest misconception with playing slots games online is that the number of coins being altered to the maximum will ensure that you are in with a chance of winning the maximum jackpot prize. This is not the case. Actually, the way to increase your potential win ability is by increasing the number of paylines to its maximum so that you can win in any possible way created by the gaming developers. It would be very irritating if the number of paylines was not set to the maximum and the symbols aligned to the jackpot match but the paylines had not been maxed so you could not win the jackpot despite the symbols aligning. Never put yourself into this situation as it is hugely frustrating. Increase your paylines so that you have the best chance of winning the big bucks as you play online slots games today. It doesn’t matter which slots game you choose as the above advice applies for them all, but make sure you alter the paylines to be in with a chance of cashing in the jackpot prize. You never know, it could be life-changing!