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Do Roulette Strategies really work?

Do Roulette Strategies really work?

At this point, you must really be feeling like a seasoned gambler, aware of all roulette strategies

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Lucky numbers and winning feelings simply are not good enough for you to find your fortune anymore and, rather than relying on the magic sensation of good luck, you are questioning the casino and looking for ways to beat the system.

You have your calculator out and you are reading up on D’Alembert, Martingale and more, whilst you rack your brains and attempt to work out where or not roulette strategies really work. Well, through the complications that the sheer amount of numbers and outcomes that a roulette wheel conjures up, using a strategy to win is of course very, very difficult.


What strategies are there?

There are two kinds of theories when it comes to this, with progressive and non-progressive betting styles widely acknowledged as the categories of roulette theory for online best online slots 2020 casinos.

Progressive betting that sees one alter their next bet following the outcome of the last, these can offer both risky and low-risk betting strategies that should, in theory, eventually pay out. The aforementioned  D’Alembert, Martingale and more stand out as supreme mathematicians who were fascinated with the roulette wheel and, in taking the emotion out of the experience, formulated strategies for how to win.

The problem is however, their methods require both a lot of time and a lot of money as, should the wheel deal you up the wrong results too often, you could find yourself counter-acting bets until you run out of money. Despite being the amazing mathematic minds that they were, they clearly had a lot of time and chips on their hands, too, making for systems that, despite working, require a rather unrealistic amount of time and money.

Non-progressive betting does not see betting change from each bet unless the gambler really wants it to. Instead, one such theory relies on the covering of the board and relying on the safety blanket that this can cause. You pick one number and then do a split bet on all the numbers around it, softening the odds but increasing your chances of a win, too.

However, there is no guarantee at all that this will land a win rather, it is damage limitation. What you have to do is remember that the casino is trying to win against you. The wheel is creating in such a way to make it very difficult for you to perfect a strategy and make it work - that is of course, unless you have the time that our famous math minds did in the past! Why not check here the roulette numbers to win more easily?


So, do Roulette Strategies really work?

Albert Einstein, maybe the greatest mathematic mind of all, once quite famously said; ‘No one can possibly win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn’t looking.’ Whilst this is not completely true, it does go some way to answering the question of whether or not roulette strategies really work on top-rated slot games online.