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Do People play Slots Online or on Mobile more?

Mobile slot popularity

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The internet is a wonderful thing. Not only are all of us more connected now but we have many different ways to play slots online. As players, we can go online from our own home computers and access sites such as Easyslots. But now there is another option. Since we have one in our pockets 24/7, slots developers have given us the ability to use our mobile phones and join to pay by mobile casino and play.

What do the players currently use more?

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Slots Online

We are all familiar with how online slots work by now. All the player is required to do is log on to their favourite game, place a bet and then reap the rewards from the best slots sites. The player does have to create an online account to deposit and withdraw their winnings which does come with it some security risks that mobile slots tries to prevent.

However it’s been a great addition to the slots industry one that has been established for a long time. But now we have another, equally as convenient way to play and that takes the form of pay by mobile slots.

Pay by Mobile Slots

Online casinos have now implemented a new way to bet from your personal mobile phone. I mean we all have one so why not? Instead of setting up payments directly through your online bank account, you have the option to pay for mobile slots by adding the amount that you want bet to your phone bill.

This gives players one obvious benefit over the standard online way to play. You no longer need to use your bank or card details to play. Simply add it to your phone payments and away you go. For those players out there worried about online security, pay by mobile slots are a great new benefit.

You can access any site that you previously used, including Easy slots, and so all of your favourite slots game titles remain available. Now we know the differences between each method, which is the more popular one?

Mobile Slots vs Online Slots - Which is more popular?

That is not an easy question to answer. Mobile slots are a relatively new feature as opposed to online slots and therefore there has not been the time to compare it to the staple that is online slots. Obviously the pay by mobile method is preferred by the newer generations that are up to date with newer technological innovations. That only benefits those up to date with such things though.

Some more experienced players are content in the world of online slots. The idea of pay by mobile slots may seem irrelevant to someone that has consistently played the same way for years without issue. Also, you can only deposit the money that you wish to play with using mobile slots, not withdraw it. To do this involves another process, adding a completely separate account to withdraw from an online casino account.

This does prove to be a bit complicated for some and removes the security benefits that mobile slots initially provide. But it’s not all bad for pay by mobile users.

Pay by Mobile Casinos driving Innovation

Pay by mobile slots are a fairly new addition to online slots. The longer it sticks around, the more players will hop on board with the concept. This is something for the younger generation to sink their teeth into and include them in slot gaming. 

Let’s not count out mobile slots until they’ve around long enough to make their mark and improve on their system, the very same way that online slots did in the first place. After all, online slots were the new kid in town once and are massively popular.

Anyone remember brick and mortar casinos?

Last Thoughts on Online versus Mobile

It’s hard to compare pay by mobile slots to the tried and true formula of online slot games just yet. Mobile slots have a plethora of benefits over its online cousin, but just need the time to establish itself. For now, online slots are still the preferred provider of online slot games, however who knows what the future has in store for this ever evolving medium.