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Different Bets In Roulette

Roulette ladies and gentlemen, it’s one of the most iconic casino games around, one that has been around for many years now, and still, people play it! This is the best slot site game of chance, one that you can’t cheat at or gain any sort of prior advantage (something that arguably makes the game so good as it is). Pretty much everyone should have heard of roulette before or at least know how to play it, don’t worry if you’re the minority here since we’re going to be talking about this classic in depth.


We’re going to assume that a lot of you reading this are those who want to get into the game but don’t have a clue on where to start — or are someone looking for a quick refresher. There are two versions of roulette that you should know about, there is the European version and the American version, we’re going to be talking about the former (apologies to any yanks out there). More on roulette strategies here.

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How To Play


Before we go into the different bets you can place in roulette we’re first going to go over the basics. Roulette is a game as old as time (as mentioned), one that can involve multiple players at a time as well as a dealer. The dealer will be the one who controls the game, taking bets as the game goes on. The game is played on a table and a wheel, a wheel that contains the famous roulette numbers from 1-36 all featuring red/black colours.


The game will always begin with bets being placed on the table. Once all bets have been placed, the dealer will then spin the wheel, dropping a white ball into the wheel. Eventually, the wheel will come to a complete stop, and the white ball will be sitting on one of the numbers. If players successfully predicted the outcome of the number found, then, and only then will they win!

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Practice And Hone Your Skills


Roulette has transcended the table in recent years, now available in both online and in-person. Online versions of roulette tend to get a bad rap amongst some players, but some of the recent games to hit reputable casino sites are just as detailed and as immersive as the real deal, trust us. Who knows, maybe you’ll try a few games out as practice for the real thing, we know we do!


The great thing about online versions of roulette is the fact that you can study the table in your own time, learning patterns and variations in outcomes. A wise man once said that practice makes perfect, and they were right, especially when it comes to roulette where so much of the game is left up to lady luck. One thing that online versions of roulette does better than the real deal is display odds on the screen.


Once you’ve played a few games on the online version, you might then want to upgrade to the live version of roulette. Live roulette has seemingly taken the world by storm as of 2019. In live roulette you play via mouse and keyboard, the only difference is you play against an actual dealer that you stream live from your computer! Live roulette essentially simulates authentic Vegas experiences from the comfort of your own home, go figure!


Bets In Roulette


As you can probably tell already, there are a lot of options to choose from as far as bets go in roulette. Each bet has various odds attached depending on however many games have already been played. Why that is comes down to patterns forming on the table — for example, if the number 15 comes out more than once, this alters the odds of this number slightly, potentially encouraging players to bet on 15 for the next turn.


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There are three types of bets that one can place in roulette: inside, outside and announced bets. Inside and outside bets are available on any roulette table you join, whereas announced bets are exclusive to certain locations. Inside bets are relatively easy to understand, these represent bets that will give you a lot more money if they come out successful but are a lot harder to predict.


Say, for example, you are betting on a specific number, this is essentially what an inside bet is. We would recommend you look at strategies involving inside bets if you want to implement those into your game, just know that they are a harder to pull off than outside bets outright. Keep in mind that you can make multiple bets on each turn, so you can make more than one inside bet on each spin, just remember that you’ll lose money no matter what in doing this.


Outside bets represent those outside the number field, the sort of bets that are far easier to place and have better odds by proxy. Most players tend to begin their game by placing a few outside bets before trying their hand at inside bets, we’d advise you do the same, just to get a feel for the table. Outside bets cover all kinds of choices, bets such as:


Red Or Black - Betting on which colour the ball will land on

Odd Or Even - Betting on whether or not the number presented is odd or even

1-18 Or 19-36 - Betting on whether or not the number is going to be within a certain margin

Dozens - Betting on one of the three dozen that are found on the layout of the table

Columns - Betting on which of the three columns the winning number will be in


Announced bets are very special indeed, and are most commonly found in French versions of roulette, or in European versions on occasion. You will need to know the names of each announced bet if you hope to use them during each game. Check out some of our other articles if you wish to learn about announced betting in roulette. You can also enjoy other top-rated online slot games today!