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Deposit Bonuses at Easy Slots


When it comes to online casinos, a lot of us feel that we know exactly what to expect of a brand, even if it’s one we’ve never played with before. The main problem is the stagnation of the industry, and how easy it is to predict what kind of best slot site bonuses you’ll receive when you make that first deposit. Without drawing attention to specific brands, here is a general overview of the types of deposit bonus we’ve come to expect:

  • 100% deposit bonus when making a £10 or more allocation
  • 200% bonus for your first deposit, followed by a lower second deposit bonus of £50%
  • A welcome package consisting of three deposit bonuses, all of decreasing worth, every time you deposit £10 or over.

The above options aren’t the only offerings we’ve seen, just the most common to appear when you make a deposit as a new member. So what makes Easy Slots and their deposit bonuses so different? After all, once you’ve activated the free spin of the Mega Reel, what else is there to unlock that’ll award you a bonus for every deposit…? In addition to the Mega Reel, which can be triggered with every qualifying deposit you make, there’s also a cashback scheme that’s beneficial to all types of users who join Easy Slots. What is more, if you’re a highroller, you can get a chance to spin the Turbo Reel, an amped up version of the brand’s most popular deal.

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The Mega Reel Bonus; How to Opt-in with your Deposit

As is the norm with any deal, you must activate it if you’re to get its benefits; very few brands will simply gift a reward automatically. To activate the Mega Reel free spin, you’ll need to make a deposit of £10 (for you first ever deposit) and then £20 for every deposit made thereafter. When you do this, a pop-up window with the Mega Reel will appear, and you’ll be able to spin it once to unlock one of the prizes available.

The prizes vary, but as many of you know, up to 500 free games can be won, for titles such as Starburst, Fluffy Favourites, and Gonzo’s Quest. What is more, £10 Amazon vouchers can also be won, a bonus which is free of wagering requirements. Should you get the free spins as your reward, the most you can win for every 10 spins won is £8, with the wagering requirement of the spins being x65. Although this sounds steep, keep in mind that these spins open up some of the most popular games to you, for a fraction of what you’d have to pay without the Mega Reel.

The Power of the Turbo Reel!

Although the Mega Reel and the Turbo Reel are related, the depth of what’s on offer from the Turbo Reel is on another scale. Unlike with its sister option, which can award between 10 and 500 free spins, this reel will only ever win you between 50 and 500 spins, all on those favourite titles we mentioned earlier. True, the mechanics are exactly the same as the Mega Reel, but that doesn’t mean that the Turbo Reel doesn’t pack a punch… provided you can afford to spin it.

Due to the value of the bonuses available, the cost of the bonus has increased also, with the minimum deposit amount needing to be £100. What is more, even if you deposit that and get a free spin, you may only get the Mega Reel and not the Turbo one, as the Turbo Reel is a random occurrence. Unfair as that may be, it is yet another brilliant way of keeping the thrill of Easy Slots alive, and for grabbing yourself more deposit bonuses throughout your time as a member.

Treat Yourself to Daily Cashbacks

One of the last ways you can savour the deposit bonuses of Easy Slots is through its cashback scheme. This feature of the brand is open to all its users, although newbies will be awarded for a month of double the cashback whenever they deposit funds. Seeing as how this is an option you can unlock daily, what you get out of it is entirely up to you - if you want to get daily increases than you have to allocate funds daily, whereas if you’d rather keep it few and far between, you can do.

Please be aware however, that the amount you can get back isn’t as considerable as you might think. This is a result of the VIP scheme that Easy Slots also has in place; the higher you climb up the levels, the better your benefits, including that of the cashback bonus. When you’re an Expert member, you’ll receive 1% cashback for your deposits, whereas Legend members will receive a much larger 10%.

Best Deposit Bonuses in 2021

Bad puns aside, Easy Slots is a place where deposit bonuses come from multiple sources rather than one the industry standard first deposit bonus. The fact that you can keep getting rewards for being a member, no matter how seasoned your account, is one of the reasons this Jumpman Gaming label is so popular with fans.

Furthermore, due to the setup of these deposit bonuses, you can pick and choose whether you activate them or not, meaning you never take out a bonus you don’t want or understand. Easy Slots gives you the power to control your account, including the types of bonus you take out. Very few brands offer the same. Click here to find top-rated online slot games to play with Easy Slots promotions.

For a quick overview of the rest offers available on our site, check below:

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  • Monthly Cashback
  • Weekly Slots Tournaments with £1,000+ rewards.
  • Weekly Bingo Tournaments with £2,500+ for the top position.
  • Live Dealer Bonuses, for the Pragmatic Play tables.