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Corona Virus Starts an Unlucky Streak on Chinese New Year Tradition

Corona Virus Starts an Unlucky Streak on Chinese New Year Tradition

Corona Virus Starts an Unlucky Streak on Chinese New Year Tradition

Recently since the 2019 coronavirus started in Wuhan, a Chinese city. The number of deaths has risen further, and there are many more being reported.

This outbreak has caused a lot of devastating times for the Chinese country as a whole. And for the citizens of China who engage in different businesses to ensure that they make ends meet for them. The spread of this coronavirus has led to empty streets and the cancellation of public events. Tourists are no longer visiting China due to fear of being infected. Furthermore, most planes that used to land in china have decided to stop their transportation until further notice.

The spread of the coronavirus has affected the cash flow in China and this has also touched the gambling sector, which has already been damaged as players choose to gamble on the best online slots from their homes. It has emptied most of the casinos in China and the world's largest gambling hub. In as much gambling has been considered illegal in China, there is still some legal gambling that contributes to the economy of China. That is primarily through the tourists who come to visit the place and engage in gambling. Gambling produces almost US$27.9 billion of revenues and many more. You note that china's economy has gone down in previous months as a result of the massive spread of the virus.

It is prevalent for the Chinese to participate in gambling every New Year. Examples of games played during gaming include Mahjong, rummy, poker, Chor Dai Di (BIG 2), IN- Between, and Blackjack. This New Year things were different for the gambling sector. It is during this time that gambling is more popular than before with those celebrating the New Year, but this year the best online slot games and other casino games took a step back.

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Chinese Gambling on New Year

Chinese Gambling Traditions

There is a lot of tradition with regards to the New Year Chinese gambling such as:

Wearing red underwear: this is referred to as lucky pants for individuals who experience an extreme case of fortune. The older generation in china believes that the red color is a lucky color.

Feeding of the ghost to score: the Chinese believe that if you feed the ghost, then you might win. Behind every casino table, there is a baby ghost. It is terrifying, but it happens in the Chinese gambling culture. The belief is that you feed the ghost with sugar, and it will bring you good luck. Well, if you decide not to feed the ghost, then it will bring you bad luck.

Deng! Deng! Gambling Trend

Deng! Deng!: it is believed that this tradition brings a smile to the face of onlookers. It is used when the Chinese players are around the table and at the baccarat tables. This has been passed across generations. The words are spoken before playing the cards or before opening them. The thought behind this is that it will bring good luck to everyone that uses the cards.

Pray to the Gods before gambling

This is not relevant to only Chinese but also in other cultures. The Chinese pray to Gods before embarking their journey to the casino. They encourage a good fortune and also give an offering as a show of faith (this involves a basket of fruits).

No touching

The golden rule in the casino is that you should not touch the cards. In the Chinese culture, every New Year, it’s vital to not be in contact with the cards and the person gambling.

No counting of money at the table

this is more of good manners. The Chinese believe that the counting of cash before a win or loss should not be done in the table.

Pace yourself

It’s the concept of every beginner’s luck that the first bet can return a big win that is not expected. The gamblers are encouraged not to bet big and target huge payouts very early. Winning first could open considerable losses to the players. It is okay to win or lose some amounts here and there and save the most wins for the right time.

Please do not wash the lucky hands

This is very unclean, but it's the culture every new year before gambling. The washing of hands is believed to have a significant effect on luck. In instances where the players experience losses, they will rinse their hands to remove the bad luck first. If they win or have a good run, they will not wash their hands to keep the lucky spell for a while.

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Corona Virus Spreading

All these traditions were done every New Year. Due to the rapid spread of the disease, there were no such traditions on the previous New Year’s Eve. There were also no official fireworks to mark the Chinese New Year in Macau. Macau is the world’s largest gambling sector in china. It is also the only part of the Chinese country that gambling is legal. All the celebrations were canceled in the rise of the spread of the coronavirus.  Most of the dealers in Macau were all in masks. Every casino's visitor’s temperature was checked and all parts of the gaming floors closed. This is very unusual for the New Year.

Macau is well known for hosting travelers from china. It relies on Chinese visitors for tourism revenue since it makes money off China. Lack of Chinese visitors has affected the operation of the gambling area. The virus has led to local authorities to ban any arrival from the mainland. The impact of the coronavirus on Macau was immediate. The number of tourist visitations fell by 60% over the three days’ holiday.

Ambulances replace the Casino Players this Year

Significant casino Shares Company with different resorts within the territory went down. Some of the beneficiaries the gambling companies, licensed by the Philippines went down. As a result of the massive spread of the coronavirus. This very devastating for the industrial country of china. Last year the city received almost 40 million visitors. Still, this year, the streets are filled with roams of ambulances ferrying casualties.

Coronavirus has generally affected daily operations in China. Almost everyone fears for their life since it has killed hundreds and infected a thousand.  It’s no longer business as usual in every economic sector of China. The coronavirus has become a threat to every gaming group in china.