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Common Roulette Strategies

Roulette is a game where chance rules all, a game you cannot cheat, a game that separates the weak from the strong! To succeed in roulette is to beat not only the dealer but the table itself, you see, roulette can be a very cruel table game to play, one that doesn’t care about your thoughts/feelings. Show the table who’s boss, and you can come away with a lot of cash — we’re talking thousands of pounds here!


If you are someone relatively new to the world of roulette, then look no further than this article right here. Consider this article an idiots guide of sorts, one that will be covering the basic rules of roulette as well as a few strategies that you can implement as you play. Keep in mind that each of the strategies proposed here fit different play styles, so you should first identify what sort of player you are first before forming ideas/strategies.

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Roulette is one of the oldest games in the world right now, a table game that you might have seen appear in some of your favourite movies/tv shows. Roulette is unlike any other table game in that the odds are a lot fairer and it is pretty much impossible to cheat. We’re going to be covering some of the ways you can strategise in just a moment, but before you can do that, you have to get the hang of the basics. More on the roulette numbers here.


The game of roulette features a roulette wheel and a roulette table, one that is operated by a dealer and can be played by multiple people at the same time. To win money in this game, players must successfully predict outcomes on the roulette wheel ahead of time. Bets are taken at the beginning of each round and are set on the table itself — on the table you’ll find numbers 1 through to 36 spread out. Place your chips on the intended number to signify your bet.


Roulette plays with chips, the kind that you’ll find in most casino games. Different coloured chips all represent a different value, and the more chips you place on the table, the more money you’ll ultimately earn if you come out victorious. We should mention that the numbers on the roulette wheel come in two different colours in red and black.


Once all bets have been gathered, players will then watch as they drop an ivory ball onto the wheel as its spinning. The number that the ball lands on will then decide whether or not you have won, or lost. It’s worth noting that players can place multiple bets on the same turn, but in doing so stand to lose more money as a result. Are you also interested in playing at best slot site?

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In terms of the bets you can place on the table, you have two options. Punters can place “inside” or “outside” bets with each turn. Knowing the differences between inside and outside bets will make each of the strategies mentioned here make a lot more sense. We’d advise before you even start betting yourself, that you first simply observe the game as its played to get a feel for it all — trust us when we tell you that it will help!


Inside Bets: Inside bets cover bets placed on one of the numbers shown on the roulette wheel. Those that do place inside bets are likely to earn a lot more money if they come out victorious, although the odds of you winning here per number is drastically lower than other bets you can place.


Outside Bets: Arguably the more straightforward bet to make out of the two, all outside bets cover a variety of different options. For example, betting on the colour of the number, or whether or not the number revealed will be an odd or even number, is classic outside bets. These sorts of bets are a lot easier to place since the odds swing in their favour.




If you want to become a lot more effective at the table then maybe you should try implementing a certain strategy, one that will only increase your earnings at the table outright! There are a few things you can do at the table outside of these strategies that will help too — like looking at how the dealer drops the ball into the roulette wheel. Here are a few solid strategies you can try:


Martingale Strategy: One of the most common strategies you’ll find, to implement this strategy, all you need to do is increase your bets after every lost turn to make sure you always break even. Doubling the bet with every loss will help you make a lot of cash with every lost turn too! We’d recommend you start this strategy off by utilising a low bet and increasing it slowly over time just so you aren’t blowing all your chips quickly.

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Reverse Martingale Strategy: The complete polar opposite to the above strategy, one that tries to take advantage of potential hot streaks! Bet high when you win each time and lower your bets with every loss. Be warned, this strategy can either go one of two ways depending on your luck at the table, so try not to get too cocky with how you’re playing. We’d recommend having a barrier bet in place, one that if you dip below will cause you to leave the table.


D'Alembert Strategy: The perfect strategy to a lot of beginners out there, this strategy involves placing a small wager on the table and increasing your bets by one after every loss and decreasing that amount, even more, depending on every loss before/after that. In other words, players should increase/decrease their bet by one rather than doubling it like in the previous strategy. You can also try other top-rated casino slot games today!