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Cheats for online fruit machines

Slots are the thing that attracts the most attention in both traditional and best slot site casinos. This fact is something that casino owners have realized since the 70s; this was also the main reason that slot machines occupied 75% of the overall casino space. However, another effect of their popularity was the determination of people to discover ways to beat the machine – through either legitimate or illegitimate means. Thus, in this piece, among other things, I will attempt to map out all the different ways that players have attempted to ‘stick it’ to the house.

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Traditional Fruit Machine cheats

One of the first ways to cheat slot machines was to mess with the coin receptor by using a wire - in a similar fashion that burglars opened house doors; however, as it wasn’t a very discrete method guards were more and more alarmed to it – making it really hard for players to perform this technique. Further, casinos eventually introduced new technology that removed this option from those who wanted to trick the casino as a whole.

A more witty approach to cheat slot machines was to smooth off the edges of the coins, which resulted in the instant triggering of free spins rounds; other similar approaches to these were also employed, such as when people tied a string to the coin in order to pull it back up after earning the credits, or crafting fake coins from scratch – which apparently were accepted by the slot machines.

The most sophisticated way to cheat the slot machines was from within the industry itself; the developers of the games were making them faulty in order to share the tricks with their co-conspirators and make quick and fast money.

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Most famous casino cheaters

The ‘Top Bottom Joint’ was invented by Tommy Carmichael and consisted of a steel spring and a guitar wire; its purpose was to make all the coins of the machine drop on his hands, which resulted in him eventually going to jail. Louis the coin Colavecchio amongst other Russian agents were performing similar crimes and met a similar fate with Tommy.

The ‘light wand’ was another of the techniques that people employed, whereby they would put a strong light in the slot machine sensors to force it pay out a large sum of money. Magnets could also assist people in forcing symbols into rewarding matching combinations.

All of these strategies were quite crude and could not be implemented for long with success. Casinos eventually improved their technology and managed to tackle all these cheats; however, there has been a very sophisticated example performed by a gang who was using their smartphones. They recorded a number of spins and sent the intel into their co-conspirators in Russia to analyze the pattern in which they should spin the reels.

Online Slot Mechanics

The reason that the above method was actually able to succeed is due to the fact that RNGs are not actually random. Instead, they are created by developers, which set up a pattern according to instructions. This is how the gang managed to decipher this pattern and cheat the casino.

This is why some people tend to call RNGs PRNGs (Pseudo) instead, highlighting the human element internal to it. When playing free slot games people wonder whether they are able to pull of similar cheats, but it is most likely impossible – as technology has become more and more sophisticated over the years.

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Casino precautions

To tackle all of the aforementioned cheats casinos had to take certain steps. Firstly, they employed coin comparators, which could recognize a fake from a real coin putting an end to this crude technique.

Many cameras have also been placed in every casino corner, making sure that players wouldn’t be able to try to ‘break down’ the slots for their own profit. Guards were also put on duty to respond fast to these incidents.

Nowadays, cheating slots is only possible through a conspiracy with those creating the code for the machines in the first place – or by employing a technical genius to decipher it.

Slot Tips

 When it comes to current online slots cheating without being associated with the programmers is not even a possibility – and thus winning is barely based on luck. However, there are certain factors that may benefit players; for instance, the variance is an important aspect when it comes to online slots.

  • Although low variance games tend to pay out more often, its high variance ones that will give you the life changing win that any casino players hopes for.
  • Aim for slots with 96% RTP or higher.
  • Don't change your bet size after a big win.

Betting and Jackpots

Another thing to keep in mind is to always bet enough money to trigger the progressive jackpot. Most people tend to bet low in the beginning and raise their bets along the way, which is not a strategy that has a basis. This can be justified due to the RNG, which determines each spin as a unique one to the previous one. It doesn’t matter whether the slot has already paid out a large sum right before or not – it is just luck.

Similarly, the common notion that a slot machine might have a cold or a hot streak is again invalid – so stay away from these types of thoughts.

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‘Three Hold Rule’

One cheat that is legal and operates on some land based fruit games that offer bonus features is based on the hold button. When this feature is available there is a collision of gameplay and cheating, which could potentially benefit players.

If a player manages to hold 2 matching symbols in place for three spins, then, they can expect to hit the third symbol as well on the following spin. This cheat is not 100% applicable to all the games, neither succesfull, that have the hold feature, but it has been argued by many that in the past at least it used to work.